Don’t Do the Pink Cocaine in Ibiza: Beyond the Headlines

According to a report in Metro UK, a recent drug bust has elucidated a troubling trend in drug culture on the island of Ibiza. It’s called “Pink Cocaine.” The police overcame a lab staffed by Colombian citizens who were fabricating the substance, which is believed to not even be cocaine at all, but rather 2CB, a lesser-known chemical that is most often used recreationally as a hallucinogen.

alexander shulgin

2-CB was first synthesized in 1974 by legendary psychopharmacologist Alexander Shulgin, who is also credited with creating MDMA. In small doses, 2C-B can have effects that feel similar to MDMA, but in larger doses, is said to be a powerful hallucinogen akin to the likes of LSD.

So, perhaps the headline shouldn’t be just “Don’t Do the Pink Cocaine in Ibiza,” but rather “Don’t Do the Pink Cocaine in Ibiza (Unless You’re Trying to Trip Balls)”


Metro also claimed that the cartel running the operation was throwing their own parties during which to sell the substance. Can you imagine that? A party in Ibiza where everyone thinks they’re railing blow, but instead they’re shoving hallucinogens in their face. Invariably when the high doesn’t hit, they’ll reach for more, and by peak time, everyone will be deep in the midst of hallucinations they weren’t prepared for. That sounds like a shitty time. Probably.

So for now, we guess, stick to the white stuff. Although, as far from its South American source as it is, are you even sure the white cocaine is actually cocaine? Think about it…