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  • Curses And DKDS Drop 'Trouble'
    Out today on Ultra Music. Just in time for the weekend, Curses and Safer At Night label mates, DKDS, have cooked up something nice and hot. Out today on Ultra Music, their n...
  • Premiere: Stephan Hinz – Hungry
    Catch an exclusive first listen of Stephan Hinz’s ‘Hunger’ on Watergate Records. Here we have an exclusive premiere of Berlin-based Stephan Hinz’s trippy techno cut ‘Hunger’. Stephan Hinz is one of the core ar...
  • Paris Hilton Admits She Now Earns Up To $1 Million Per Gig
    Is this real life? Are you sitting down? It's probably best if you sit down. Paris Hilton has confirmed she now earns up to $1 million USD per DJ gig, following repor...
  • The BPM Festival Announces Massive 2015 Lineup
    Mexican festival delivers again. The world's most loved festival BPM have just announced a massive phase one lineup. Celebrating its 8th anniversary, The BPM Festiva...


  • Top 10 Los Angeles Halloween Parties
    The Pulse Radio top 10 guide to what's happening in The City of Angels, the capital of the most weird and wonderful parties of the planet. In a week Halloween will be upon us! And with it, a gaggle of dressed up party goers, lunatics and most importantly, more parties than you can poke...
  • Mark Farina: 10 Real Deal Deep House Tracks
    The San Fran producer selects ten tracks of proper deep house. Deep house. You'd be hard pressed to find a genre more in vogue at present. You'd also be hard pressed to find a genre that's debated over more, as...
  • Amsterdam Dance Event 2014: In Review
    Pulse Radio’s Chandler Shortlidge makes his first visit to ADE, and breaks down what to expect from start to finish. Having never been to ADE before, I was both excited and apprehensive. The excitement flowed for obvious reasons, but after 5 months on the White Is...


  • Fresh Blood: Noël Jackson
    The Hypertone Records label head and part owner of Superfreq Records serves up a mix made with "integrity, honesty, and a love of acid" This week's mix falls to L.A.'s Noël Jackson; Hypertone Records label head and part owner of Superfreq Records alongside David Scuba and the l...
  • Huxley: 'It's Like An Anthology'
    With this week's release of Huxley's first album, 'Blurred', we found out more about the LP from the man himself. Huxley has been an ever-present figure on the house scene over the past few years, largely thanks to a string of lauded releases on some of the mos...


  • Apollonia - Tour à Tour
    We've got the verdict on Apollonia's groovy, quirky and thoroughly impressive debut album, Tour à Tour. Apollonia Tour à Tour Apollonia 8.5/10 There’s no denying Apollonia have stamped their authority on the house music scene this y...

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