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  • Orbital Call It Quits
    After 25 years of music, the English duo hang up the torch-glasses. Announced today, English duo Orbital will be going separate ways. Brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll have changed the face of electronic music in man...
  • Two Die In Amsterdam During ADE
    Sad news from Holland. Two people have died at ADE-affiliated events last weekend in Amsterdam, reports de Volkskrant. One of the deceased was a 33-year-old Serbian man...
  • Time Warp USA Suffers Major Set Back
    Organizers of the German-based Time Warp dance festival failed to get approval from the city. Sad news was announced today that the first instalment of techno festival Time Warp NYC may be cancelled. Time Warp which got its start in 1994 in...
  • DJ Mag Announces Top 100 DJs For 2014
    Here we go again! The annual DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll has been revealed for this year, announced at ADE in Amsterdam over the weekend. Dutch behemoth Hardwell has onc...


  • 48 Hours in Los Angeles
    The Pulse Radio definitive guide to LA nightlife. In case you didn’t know: Los Angeles is evolving beyond its identity as a coastal city obsessed with the superficial. A cultural shift emphas...
  • Top 10 NYC Halloween Parties
    New York is the Halloween capital of the world! Halloween is nearly upon us! it’s always difficult trying to decide which party to attend so in an attempt to make the selection slightl...
  • A Step Too Far?: Glastonbury Bans The Sale Of Native American Headdress
    Glastonbury has stepped up and prohibited the sale of war bonnets and Indian Headdresses. The right to dress like a total idiot is a fundamental principle of festival culture. Festivals and raves are a place where people can be free to w...


  • Behind The Talent: Cocoon's Johannes Goller
    After an incredible season, we catch up with Cocoon's head promoter, Johannes Goller, to reflect on 15 years of Cocoon Ibiza. In this edition of Behind The Talent, we chat with head promoter of Cocoon, Johannes Goller. Johannes started with Cocoon Ibiza in 2000, a year aft...
  • Riva Starr Mixes Pulse.195
    An exclusive hour from the Snatch! boss, live from New York's Cielo. Snatch! Records boss Riva Starr has mixed this week's podcast, Pulse.195, a one hour set recorded live at NYC's regarded Cielo club. Here the Na...


  • jozif - Waikiki EP
    jozif is a future legend in the making... jozif Waikiki EP Culprit 7.5/10 A future legend in the making, jozif is already commanding respect from house music aficionados the world ove...

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