Sheik ‘N’ Beik Presents: “You Can Never Go Home” Release Party

Line Up


Derek Marin
+ Special Guest, System of Survival (Circoloco)
Jeffrey Scott
5:00PM-0:00AM Output's Panther Room

It seems to be the natural order of music maturity to turn our passion into a label. Its be a long and rocky road, but at the end we are proud to introduce Sheik ‘N’ Beik’s first release “You Can Never Go Home”. The madman behind this jewel is none other than Derek Marin.


You can hear your own heartbeat was inspired by the film Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Werner Herzog & abstractly describes the feeling of dancing in a big dark cave. At a certain moment you will lose yourself & be one with the beat of the drum & your own heartbeat.
You can never go home is about the first time i went to Berghain actually. It was my first time in Berlin, may have been my second day only & at a certain point i had been there quite a while. My friend didn't want to leave and she had the keys plus only she knew where were we we lived. So i couldn't leave but eventually it turned out i didn't want to go home…

• Derek Marin

A drummer turned Techno & House producer, Derek Marin has been playing with beats since he was 9. He has performed & collaborated with some of the biggest artists in the electronic music world like Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode, Mr. C, Alexi Delano, Carl Craig & Adultnapper just for starters. Derek's list of works is reaching an uncountable number, releasing productions & remixes on some of the most respected & legendary labels around the globe including: Plastic City, Dirtybird, Swag, Fade, Thoughtless Music, ATOC, Get Physical, Sleaze, Big Chief, Matterform, Hidden, Subtrak, Dialtone, Intrinsic Design & Biatch Corp. Marin also produces under the monikers Sideview, Platonik, Modest D & many others. In 2004, he established his own imprints, Faucet Music & Like Button and is now also heading the New York via Detroit label Subtrak. Keep a sharp eye out for Derek Marin because he is a true secret weapon of the underground and he never sleeps..

• Fong,

a.k.a. Sheeno, was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Throughout his life he followed music through various forms of expression, from the cutting-edge rock of Manchester flowing from his guitar in the mid-90s to the pumped-up beats of his DJ sets and productions today. As a DJ he began his career in early 1998, forming part of a handful of DJs in the Dominican Republic to play what were then the parties that founded today’s massive of clubbers. FoNG’s music is a reflection of his persona: intelligent, fun, with a creative dark side. But don’t let his impeccable mixing distract you, he can leave you an entire weekend deprived of sleep!

• Jeffrey Scott

From the pleasures of time and space..
One will look face to face and place
Themselves in the human experience
It comes to the appearance of sound
That makes one bound to the colors of life
The strife That push forward to the unknown
The path to resistance that leads…
Bleeds to our greatest treasure
For love and endeavors.

• Julio

Have you ever found yourself in the zenith of an afternoon surrounded by the most violent calming sound propelling your body in almost involuntary gestures. That is the very distinct sound of Julio’s sonic adventures. As the ocean and the sky split in the most harmonious symmetry you forget whether you are on a dance floor or living the most beautiful chaos. Welcome to melancholic romanticism.

Hurry, time is running out!

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Event Details

  • Start: 5:00pm - Sun, 6 Apr 2014 EDT

  • Finish: 12:00am - Mon, 7 Apr 2014 EDT

  • Venue: The Panther Room

  • Address: 74 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States

  • Good To Know: 21+ Dance Party
    Techno, Deep House, Electronica

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