Sheik 'N' Beik 6th Anniversary Party

Line Up

  • Derek Marin

  • Dirk Largo (Live) Feat. Dakoto

  • Julio & Jeffrey Scott

  • Voiski (Live)

  • Xosar (Live).


2:00PM-4:00PM Brunch at The Stilton House (Output)
4:00PM-0:00AM Output's Panther Room

The last year has been a period of great changes as the Chinese Horoscope suggested, the year of the snake and the shedding of its skin.
We have transformed and ready to embark on a new mission for our 6th year Anniversary!

To start things off, we will be hosting a boozy brunch at The Stilton House (SOLD OUT), the restaurant of Output, from 12 - 4PM, with Derek Marin keeping the tempo to accompany each sip of your bloodymarys. Keep your eyes open for Sheik ‘N’ Beik’s record release in the next few months with a double sided vinyl featuring Derek’s “You Can Never Go Home EP”.

Moving into the afternoon, The Panther Room will open it’s doors and expect to get hypnotized by the music from Julio & Jeffrey Scott’s 4 hour set. There will be an hour break in the middle of the set, with Fong presenting his new live act: Dirk Largo featuring Dakoto.

Finally our favorite techno queen Xosar will land the party with her multidimensional Live set, followed by our very own Voiski all the way from Paris. Xosar has just come out of 2 fantastic years of releases on L.I.E.S. & Rush Hour as well as collaborating with Legowelt as Xamiga. Voiski too has release on L.I.E.S. and Construct Re-Form and also will be releasing SNB’s 2nd release on the our label. This will be his first gig in the US so if you were lucky enough to have seen him perform at our Ibiza residency this summer, you’ll know what you’re getting into and it’s no kindergarten games.

We can’t wait to have our freaks back, we’ve really missed you all very much.

Welcome to the jungle!


• Derek Marin

A drummer turned Techno producer, Derek Marin has been playing with beats since he was nine. He has performed and collaborated with some of the biggest artists in electronic music world including, but not limited to: Depeche Mode, Carl Craig, Adam X and Mr. C. He boasts an impressive and constantly growing discography, and DJs the world over including, but limited to, New York, London, Colombia & Berlin. Marin also produces under the monikers Modest D, Sideview, Platonik & many others. In 2004, he established his own imprint, Faucet Music, & is now head of the Detroit/New York Techno label Subtrak, which he currently runs from Berlin. Keep a look out for his continuous onslaught of releases and remixes.

• Dirk Largo (Also known as Fong)

Fong, a.k.a. Sheeno, was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Throughout his life he followed music through various forms of expression, from the cutting-edge rock of Manchester flowing from his guitar in the mid-90s to the pumped-up beats of his DJ sets and productions today. As a DJ he began his career in early 1998, forming part of a handful of DJs in the Dominican Republic to play what were then the parties that founded today’s massive of clubbers. Revered by the crowds and his peers, he played legendary sets ranging from funky breaks to techno that defined his style of the exact opposite: not sticking to one style but rather pick the best from the bunch. Little by little the scene he helped build was attracting international talent who quickly recognized his potential. In 1999 he began acquiring studio gear and began to make music. These early productions, released under the Platanum SDQ moniker, were explorations of different styles of house and techno. From the minimalism of “Arroyo Frio” to the funkiness of “2 by 2”, which made its way into Bryan Zentz’s studios for a remix, later released on Substance Recordings. Ventures into the housier end of the spectrum, such as “Say”.

• Julio

Have you ever found yourself in the zenith of an afternoon surrounded by the most violent calming sound propelling your body in almost involuntary gestures. That is the very distinct sound of Julio’s sonic adventures. As the ocean and the sky split in the most harmonious symmetry you forget whether you are on a dance floor or living the most beautiful chaos. Welcome to melancholic romanticism.

• Jeffrey Scott

From the pleasures of time and space..
One will look face to face and place
Themselves in the human experience
It comes to the appearance of sound
That makes one bound to the colors of life
The strife That push forward to the unknown
The path to resistance that leads…
Bleeds to our greatest treasure
For love and endeavors.

• Voiski

A quite man of Techno, Voiski is a bastion of underground, forward thinking and innovative electronic music in Paris who, together with his dedicated compadres are spreading globally their ideas and sounds via their multiple labels, live sessions, and collaborations. Also known for his projectsin Conceptual Art and Experimental Music, Voiski co-runs and releases on the Silicate Musique imprint (with Griffin) and DEMENT3D with Heartbeat & Francois X and is one half of the super intringuing electromic duo 'Kareti' [Masterluk & DonnaRenka]. He has made seen some serious releases on Groom Records, Wt Records [New York], Construct-Reform and most recently recently an excellent release on L.I.E.S.

• Xosar

A descendant from a Bengali aerospace engineer and Cherokee psychic, the mysterious Xosar was born in San Jose California, raised in San Francisco and is now residing in a quiet seaside village on the North Sea. Here she spends most of her time wandering through dark forests, channeling the energy of nature and primal forces contained within symbols, and using these energies to produce a sensual and exotic blend of deep Detroit-style techno and leftfield ghost house. Featuring two Legowelt remixes.

Hurry, time is running out!

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Event Details

  • Start: 2:00pm - Sun, 9 Feb 2014 EST

  • Finish: 12:00am - Mon, 10 Feb 2014 EST

  • Venue: Panther Room

  • Address: 74 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States

  • Good To Know: 21+ Dance Party
    Deep House, Techno, Electronica

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