Oonst W/ Paul Woolford

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Paul Woolford (Hotflush / Planet E)

Many know Paul Woolford's name through the 2005/6 slow-burning hit "Erotic Discourse", released on 2020 Vision, the Leeds label with which he made his name initially. The success of this proved he has the ability to create a genre-defining sound, capturing the imagination of DJs across the board from Ivan Smagghe to Ricardo Villalobos, The Chemical Brothers, Richie Hawtin and DJ Hell to Erol Alkan. The track became a stone-cold classic.

With forthcoming music being released on Carl Craig's Planet E, Scuba's Hotflush Recordings, London's Phonica label, Paul Woolford keeps reinventing himself and pushing the boundaries, maintaining a hectic global tour schedule playing key clubs globally such as Panorama Bar, Fabric, Warung and D Edge in Brazil, and for the 6th year, the renewal of his key We Love.. Space on Sundays residency in Ibiza.

His latest release on Hotflush simply titled ' Untitled' is swiftly becoming the sound of the 13' summer.

Aaron James (Future History)

Vinyl obsessive, Aaron James a has to be one of the most impressive warm up DJ's we've seen in a while. Aaron's regular party Future History has played host to the likes of Barnt (Kompact), Ashley Beedle, Rory Phillips and the Italians Do It Better crew.His blend Cosmic Disco, Slow Jams, Rough House and uplifting Techno is the perfect precursor to the main event.


And of course depending on who's in town you'll have the choice of Oonst residents Atts, Oli DAB, Robin and Rigg to lay down an uber-solid house foundation for the night.

Hurry, time is running out!

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Event Details

  • Start: 10:00pm - Fri, 6 Sep 2013 BST

  • Finish: 4:00am - Sat, 7 Sep 2013 BST

  • Venue: Basing House

  • Address: London E2 8AA, United Kingdom

  • Good To Know: 18+ Nightclub
    Deep House, Techno, House

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