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D R A G O N F R U I T . Presents:
G U T I // L I V E

"Drawing up his own way" is the philosophy of Guti. He shoned in the world of Jazz at early age, he demonstrates to be a sensible & intense pianist, with his own language, playing in some of the biggest stadiums & winning gold records in South America in the last decade as a rock musician. In 2006, life take him to a new path: Techno music. Curious, ironic & creative, fusing electronic music with his jazz & latin roots, Guti quickly became one of the most eager & interesting producer of the Latino American house scene. He shown his amazing live set in the best clubs of the world touring as a Desolat Artist. Currently his music is also running on Crosstown Rebels, Raum, Musik, Wolf & Lamb and Supplement Facts

L I N K S :
✔ https://soundcloud.com/guti_desolat
✔ https://www.facebook.com/Guti.Desolat/
✔ http://guti-music.com/

✔ Void Acoustics

E N T R Y:
Pulse Radio
Resident Advisor

I N F O:
✔ Brisbane, Australia
✔ 188 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley
✔ DOORS OPEN 9pm - 5am
✔ www.facebook.com/dragonfruit.au

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  • Start: 9:00pm - Fri, 3 Mar 2017 AEST

  • Finish: 5:00am - Sat, 4 Mar 2017 AEST

  • Venue: capulet 188 bruns

  • Address:

  • Good To Know: Nightclub, Special Event, Venue
    Techno, House

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