Sitting in a dusty lot on the border of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, Berghain is widely considered one of the world's best nightclubs. It has two dance floors: Berghain, a dark main room where most DJs play techno, and Panorama Bar, an upstairs space that's more focused on house, though the music policy in both rooms is very open-ended. (There's also a men's-only club on the first level called Lab.Oratory, and a smaller club with a separate entrance called Berghain Kantine.)

A number of details give Berghain its cult appeal: its residents, which include Cassy, Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock, its set lengths, which range from three hours to more than eight, and its decor, which is mostly metal and poured concrete, with 30 meter ceilings and seemingly endless nooks and crannies.

Most of the parties are extremely long: Friday night events usually wrap up early Saturday afternoon, but Saturdays typically run well into Monday morning. Perhaps the most notorious aspect of the club is its door policy—hundreds of people are turned away each weekend, including regulars, often for reasons that are completely mysterious to everyone except the doormen.

The club also runs the Ostgut Ton record label and a booking agency.



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Hypd Event

Hyperion Avenue
10:00PM Sun 30 Jun 19



VRIL - Invite's Choice
0 1471



Rødhåd - Essential 2016
0 1658


Giles Smith

Live At Panorama Bar: 16.02.13 Giles Smith
1 404


Mano Le Tough

Live At Panorama Bar: 18.05.12 Mano Le Tough
6 881



Panorama Warm Up: AlexKid 28.08.09
86 484


Berghain/Panorama Bar

Oliver Deutschmann Live @ Panorama Bar 24.01.08
5 1369