Born near Paris, Max Pask discovers a passion for music with Heavy Metal as a young teenager, although the real revelation comes during a Jeff Mills set in 1994.The rest of the 90's will be spent record shopping and throwing parties around with high school friends.

In 2000, a move to New York opened up new doors, and Max started working full time djing around the city's clubs and bars.

Production was the logical next step, starting with remixes for Soulwax, Tiefschwarz or Who Made Who in the mid 2000's, until the beginnings of Throne of Blood records and the decision to start making tracks with his old friend Andrew Potter in 2009.Populette was born.

Since then the duo have released 3 EP's and remixed over 20 artists (The Rapture, Bibi Tanga, Scratch Massive, Black Strobe, Citizens! and many more) gaining them praises from DJ's and fans worldwide. 

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Max Pask

Pulse Exclusive Mixtape: Max Pask
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