Often referred to as the circus ringleader or the pied piper of great party, Coco loco has built up a reputation as one crazy DJ and promoter, with a lust for life and one for throwing some of the best underground parties in Durban & Johannesburg. His music is raw, often unpredictable and stripped down like a steam train chugging away on a never ending dance floor to the next party. Legend has it that as a young terror he was brought up on gunpowder, which his mum used to sprinkle on Cornflakes to try and sedate him from destroying the family home. This only made him even wilder later on in life and so has given him the stamina to out-party most who enters his crazy circus. From a little town in Kwa-Zulu Natal called Richards Bay (SA), Kevin would go from being a high school band Rock guitarist, only to become one of South Africa’s popular DJ talents. Apart from having DJ’d almost every weekend over the past 13 years and throwing hundreds of events with his brand “High Society” and now “Autograph Music”, he has also had the privilege to warm up for top international DJs such as Sasha (Global Underground), Johnny D Germany), Barem from M_NUS (Argentina), Federico Molinari from OSLO Records (Argentina), Dixon (Germany), Ralf Kollmann from Mobilee Records (Germany), Ame’ (France), Stefane Pompougnac from Hotel Costes (Paris), AT Jazz (UK), DJ Rasoul (San Francisco), Krafty Kuts (UK), Kaskade (San Francisco), The Lawnchair Generals (Canada), Jason Hodges (Canada), Jake Childs (USA), Ferry Corsten (Netherlands), Milk & Sugar (Germany), Funkstar Deluxe (Denmark), Tim Deluxe (U.K), DJ Sammy (Spain), Brandon Block (UK), Emerson Todd from Get Physical(NZ) and soon with Terry Francis from Fabric London.

Having released 3 accomplished and sought after Deep House albums in South Africa under the Deeper Sound of Coco Loco brand, his reputation has spread to parts of the world with promoters and club owners inviting him to play in the biggest clubs in London, Ibiza, Istanbul, Mauritius and Namibia. With regular bookings in London he has played at clubs like the legendary 333, Pacha, Ministry of Sound, Cargo, The EGG, Artesian Well and Hidden. With loads of fans across the colour spectrum of party goers, Coco loco can often be found comfortably playing in a South African Shabeen in Umlazi Township, to a world famous penthouse nightclub on top of a 30 story building in Istanbul.
In 2009 he launched his own music & record label “Autograph Music” and has sites focused on releasing interesting and up & coming artists he finds along his travels. The first release on Autograph Music was with long time friend and popular SA DJ Craig De Sousa, only to be followed by Coco Loco’s own long awaited DJ compilation in September 2011. The new net label division will be up and running by October 2011. Coco Loco constantly travels around South Africa playing in all sorts of nightclubs and venues and his sound varies from deep & melodic to pumping out Tech House monsters. After such a long time throwing parties and DJ’ing in underground African bars to swanky upmarket nightclubs, he says it’s the fun in meeting new people and experiencing new places that keeps him flying out of Durban every weekend. “I try and plan my DJ trips around cool and interesting places that I can learn more about the culture or just the nightlife in the city with the fun locals. Something has to be new and exciting for
me. That’s where I play my best sets. I have never had a residency nor will I ever tie myself down to the same old routine every weekend. Even in my own home town of Durban, I only choose to play once a month at the same club. The crowd must get introduced to something different when I play and I want to take away some new experience every time”
“Isn’t that what DJ’ing is supposed to be about? Well it is for me anyway”

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Pet Shop Boys Live In Durban

People's Park, Moses Mabhida Staduim, Durban
04:00PM Fri 19 Dec 14


City Tales (Experience The City With Music, Food And Drinks)

The Courtyard Ciao Bella, 162 Mahatma Gandhi, Durban
12:00PM Sat 3 Jun 17


Coco Loco

Coco Loco Mix: 05.10.11 Coco Loco
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