Deeper Than Recordings has today announced the debut
‘Diversity’ EP coming from Sydney-based trailblazer Alec Bonnici.
Out May 13, on Deeper Than Recordings label, the up-and- coming
talent’s EP will be available as a digital download.
You can listen to ‘Diversity’ EP here on Soundcloud
Over the past 12 months Alec Bonnici has been hard at work
redefining his sound and having gone from strength to strength has
crafted an EP that showcases his talent and drive. Off the back of two
stellar tunes “Sudem” and “704ty”, he announces his debut EP
Known to experiment with sound and find inspiration from the world
around him, he has created an expressive and club-driving four-piece
collection of tracks. Speaking about the EP Bonnici says: “The idea
behind the ‘Diversity’ EP was to create a collection of tunes that have
a different vibe to one another yet still correlate to the style of artist I
want to be expressed as”.
Expressing his love of variation and experimentation, the tracks all
offer a different approach to his fundamental sound – that of bass-
driven beauty. Each track sits on a different level; bass-driving tones
out from “Analog”, rough, grungy-elements throughout “Torque”,
the underground, heavy vibe of “Haven” and the peaceful,
experimental intricacies of “Serenant”. It is an EP that offers
variation in a heavily, saturated environment.
“I find music production more rewarding when you break out of your
comfort zone and try different and new ideas”. Alec Bonnici will be
debuting his EP at ‘Deeper Than House: Sessions 1.5’ at the Civic
Underground May 20.
Alec Bonnici’s ‘Diversity’ EP will be released May 13 via Deeper Than Recordings.
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