If you like a festival with a difference, then Anthropos is for you. It takes place 13th - 17th June 2019 in the woods of Baldock, Hertfordshire.

The 100% vegan festival is “Built on core values of Growth, Exploration, Balance, Connection and Celebration, Anthropos believe in building a sustainable future which is inclusive and diverse and is a game changing model for the future of music festivals. As such it offers a wealth of cultured and thoughtful ways to enjoy yourself and think about the world in which we live from a different perspective. It explores the unique nature of our experience - our drive to create beauty through the arts and music, combined with our innate ability to gain wisdom through introspection.”

There is a wealth of offerings including lectures by experts on subjects like nature, music archaeology, nature and psychedelics, embodying the mysteries in evolution, consciousness and the one and plenty more fascinating topics.

There is a healing area, guided mediations, yoga, arts demos, camping, and visual artists as well as music from a range of DJs and live acts.

To find out more about the full programme check here.