After taking a year out following a tragic natural disaster in the Caribbean in 2017, SXM Festival will return in 2019 from March 13th to 17th.

The location is a stunning one with iconic beaches, nightclubs and spectacular villas of the island offering a week of world-class house and techno programming in an unmatched setting.

Playing will be the likes of Marco Carola, Sammy Dee, Parisian trio Apollonia, Rumors boss Guy Gerber, electronic visionary Dubfire, house icon Axel Boman, Fuse London head Enzo Siragusa, UK house man Archie Hamilton, Israeli techno maestro Chaim, the darker shades of Audiofly and Francesca Lombardo, plus many more.

SXM Festival organizers created the Two Bunch Palms Foundation with the immediate mission to raise funds to help those affected by Hurricane IRMA and as a future vessel to give back to causes important to the development and health of the community. As a result, Saint Martin has been fully renovated with brand new hotels, villas, clubs, restaurants, and Casinos.

As SXM Festival Founder Julian Prince says, ‘It is very hard to put in words how excited we are to be back to work on producing SXM Festival 2019. This has been an incredibly emotional time for the local community and the partners that make this event happen. But through these adversities I believe the island and our team have emerged stronger than ever with an unbreakable bond that is destined to produce something incredibly special. We have the intention and ability to design the ultimate party – SXM Style. Locals are ecstatic to host everyone and in 2019 the energy on the island will be as magnetic as it has ever been! It is with such local spirit and the support of our amazing global community that we return with more momentum and vigor than ever before. Ironically, we always say that we couldn’t imagine what would come out if we had an extra 4 months to organize the festival. Like every precious moment in life, SXM Festival is not to be taken for granted as it was almost taken away from us right before our eyes.  It is with this thought that we have taken more steps to ensure that our event is giving direct aid and support to the people of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten without whom the event would not be possible.

For more information head to the SXM website.