Fyre Festival was the disaster event of the year, resulting in thousands of angry fans, yacht-loads of missing cash, and at least one FBI investigation into Fyre founder Billy McFarland for fraud.

So of course there are copycats. Really terrible copycats.

As Digital Music News first reported, a "relatively unknown company" called EDM United Events organised a festival in South Carolina called The Gathering.

Along with promising fans “impressive sound and lighting,” and 20 “amazing” DJs and producers performing across “four themed stages,” ticket holders were told they'd get “50,000 watts of sound, amazing lighting that will melt your face, visuals that will blow your mind, an Oxygen BAR, Food vendors and a Beer Cave.”

All that for the low low price of $130. 

Instead, what they got a few plywood boards in an empty field with randomly arranged speakers (see below). Basically the saddest "stage" we've ever seen.

The guy who organised this mess, Andrew Murdock, has now skipped town, deleting the EDM United Events Facebook page and going dark on Twitter. His account only had a whole four followers, but still, not even an "I'm sorry" tweet. Dude's history.

Of course, performers who believed in Murdock and his supposed "17 plus years" of industry experience were angry, with DJ B-Nasty taking to Facebook to call out Murdock and his "shady ass wife."

“F*ck Andrew Murdock and his shady ass wife,” B-Nasty wrote. “You guys f*cked over so many good people out of time and money for you to be a total piece of dog s**t. […] I’ll see you in court bud.”

It's unknown at this time if there will be any resolution, or if the authorities have been notified. Very sad indeed.