On the second night of Movement Detroit, deadmau5 stepped up to deliver a highly anticipated set under his techno-oriented Testpilot alias.

Unfortunately things didn't go as planned. Rains and technical difficulties meant the music was cutting out with little signs of restarting.

But the consummate professional he is, deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman hopped on the mic providing some much needed levity for the situation, while the crowd laughed along in the quiet dark.

“I drink on stage because most dudes would be shitting their fucking pants right now,” Joel said, half-jokingly.

As a fully-live artist who incorporates intricate visual productions to his sets, Joel is no stranger to overcoming technical difficulties. Though this was a pretty big stage to fail on.

But he handled it like a pro. See below.

Zimmerman said he'll re-record set on his next BBC1 Radio residency broadcast for anyone wanting to catch it.

H/T; image by Rukes.com