DJs. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. At their worst, disc jockeys can be preening narcissists who exploit dance music culture by getting rich off of something most of us do just for the love of it. On the other hand, without them, life would be a listless routine of iTunes playlists and campfire sing-a-longs. Truth is, they need us and we need them...Or do we?

A new AI app called claims it can mix better than any human being. In fact, it challenges you to check it out, plug in two tracks from anywhere on YouTube, and behold the mash-up it creates. 

You don't even need to pick two house music tracks with similar tempos or beats.You can challenge Rave to mash-up prog-rock and bubblegum pop (which we, obviously, did) and see what kind of mess it comes up with. Truthfully, it takes about five minutes to load sometimes, so our DJ friends shouldn't get too concerned about the future of the industry. 

Occasionally, a track is blended together with a remarkable flow. Most, though, were big, ugly clusterfucks that we'd rather never hear again. It's far more fun as a platform to mess around on rather than a producer of actual, y'know art. Even if the mash-ups were remotely usable, it will be a long time before AI can mimic a curated record box, flow, timing, understanding of the crowd and the vibes, and most importantly, AI looks terrible in a longline black v-neck t-shirt, so it could never really replace DJs anyway...

So, uh, DJ friends: We take back all the mean things we said about you earlier in the article. We still need you. We're sorry. 

When it come to apps that come with lofty claims about algorithms and the future of music, it's good to be a little skeptical. Although is a fun little thing to piddle about with and we're sure contains some nifty technology, this platform will not find its way into clubs any time soon. That said, we have heard some terrible mash-ups in our day, so who knows where people are getting their material from? 

Check it out.