Every morning in Pyongyang, North Korea, at 6 AM sharp, the early daylight calm is jolted awake by the call of an eerie melody piercing through the air. It is no exaggeration to suggest that the disturbing synth-driven composition seems as if it were arranged for a science fiction horror movie--all sharp tones and unsettling themes, the kind of thing Kubrick would be all over. 

The hymn was (allegedly) written by Kim Jong-Il for his father Kim Il Sun on the occasion of his passing. If it sounds morose, it's because it was written as for a funeral procession, yet every morning it is blasted over loudspeakers to wake up the people of Pyongyang and call them to work.  

There are videos, shot in secret, of scenes from Pyongyang in the mornings when the song is played. Check these out. This is some dystopian shit: 



Can you imagine being jolted awake every morning at 6AM with this music blasting in through your windows? It might have even been too creepy for the funeral for which it was written! With the empty streets and early morning sun rising, you half expect Freddie Kruger to come creeping down the street!

As geopolitical tension surrounding North Korea reaches an apex, it's worth noting that this is the kind of thing we'd wake up to every morning if young Kim Jon Un gets his way.