There are few electronic music artists who have been as active in the South African dance music scene as Sibot. As part of the duo Real Estate Agents with producer buddy Markus Wormstorm, the duo became a prolific addition to the burgeoning electronic music scene gaining traction in Cape Town.

As a master turntablist, Sibot won the DMC in 1997. But over the last 20 years he has refined his live sets with VJ Toyota to create an out of this world audio visual experience. With lightning quick finger drumming skills, his performances on the Maschine must be seen to be belived, making him one of South Africa’s best electronic music acts.

After producing for the pre-Die Antwoord band, Max Normal, Sibot became an iconic figure within the local electronic music scene. Initially donning a costume with lit up eye holes, Sibot’s new look is a lot more refined, relying on just a pair of glasses with lights on either side to accompany his electrifying performances and funky dance moves.

EP Art-work by Alexis Christodoulou

His ability to stay ahead of the curve and constantly improve on his live show has kept him in the upper echelon of the country's electronic music scene, and judging by his latest release, “V.D.L.T”, he still has a lot to offer.

Listen to "V.D.L.T" as we catch up with the Cape Town producer to find out more about his intriguing new release. 

Cape Town’s glitch scene has come a long way since Real Estate Agents. What changes have you seen taking place within the music and the club scene?

I don't think there was really a glitch scene so much as Cape Town finding itself and experimenting. When we were pushing Real Estate, all we wanted to do was cut new ground and push the scene. It ended up being a small group of people pushing each other alongside African dope. We were essentially making music for each other. We all lived walking distance so we after go from house to house listening to what we'd been working on. The scene was a bit young then and even though we had support we didn't really have any new blood competition. Only after these Accra like Real Estate/Constructus/Fcknrad ended did the electronic Edm scene jump off. It was more of a house sound but the bass and dubstep kinda filled that gap.

The 4/4 house style drum programming is quite prominent in your latest release, what spurred this direction in your music? 

I make a lot of different music all the time but usually stick to what I'm known for... this V.L.D.T. EP Release is me expressing it all. I don't think listeners are so genre defined anymore so I don't see why producers should be if they make different stuff.

Your live act has evolved immensely since your turntablism days, what do you think has given you the edge to remain above the curve? 

There are so few people playing live. In a lot of ways the live performance is for myself so I push myself to please myself. There's something risky and exciting as a performer to leave parts open and to have to figure them out in front of a few thousand people—a mistake can kill it all. That's what it's about. On the other hand my music isn't very accessible so the whole experience is a bit different and unknown, which can totally backfire if I play to a closed audience that wants to hear radio songs.

It’s been four months since the first EP from V.L.D.T was released, tell us more about this new project. 

After a listening session we realized that I'm pushing a lot of different sounds and wanted to figure out how to make it work together. I had this idea of releasing an album that is ongoing or at least being worked on while it's being released, and we merged this together with Aaron's idea of genre specific EP releases.

What are your thoughts on releasing music independently? 

The difficult thing about the industry is you have to finish music so far ahead of its release to get it in the system. So independence allows you to put out fresh stuff.

What can we look forward to from Sibot in the rest of 2017?

I'll complete the V.L.D.T. Series. Releasing a 10 year anniversary vinyl for my release 'in with the old'. We're working on a line of clothes as a collab with Shelf Life for their 10 year. A few producer/rapper/singer collabs in the works too.

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