By this point, even Granny Smith in Akron, Ohio knows how tough it is to get into Berghain.

And one enterprising game maker has decided to capitalise on the club's famous reputation with a new card game, simply titled  Berghain ze Game.

The concept sounds fairly simple — though we haven't played it, so we can't be totally sure — with characters like the "Ketamine Fiend," the "Tourist," and the "Leather Daddy" all trying to work their way through the queue into the club.

“In Berghain ze Game, your job is to let the right people into legendary Berlin techno club Berghain. Take turns as the most powerful man in Germany and learn more about gay culture in the process!" the game's developers write.

According to the game's Instagram page, which features several images of the game and a short intro video (shown below), Berghain ze Game will be coming soon to Kickstarter, so be sure to follow them for updates if you'd eventually like to play.

And who knows? If you get good enough, maybe you can learn to outsmart the world's most notorious bouncer.

Well, maybe not, but it still looks like a pretty fun game. Check out more images below.

Via Electronic Beats