One of the individuals that can perhaps represent and attest most to the rising house and techno movement in South East Asia, is no other than Sunju Hargun. A leader in the Thai scene and beyond, his name now pops up for gigs every weekend around the region, from his native Bangkok to Bali or Manila. Having contributed to the growth of the scene, especially with his nights at Glow and Grease in Bangkok, he now plays on most stages pushing house and techno - the much talked about Kolour In The Park, 808 Festival and Wonderfruit, and through these he has shared the decks with some of the biggest names such as Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Seth Troxler or Jamie Jones.

A big advantage he has is his production, something that makes him stand out in the region. He has had releases on both Tiga's Turbo recordings and Steve Lawler's Viva Music, two very respected labels globally, with his infectuous tech-housey production style together with Canadian producer Forrest. If the scene in South East Asia is growing, Sunju Hargun is one of the individuals to embody this, and we are very happy to host an exclusive mix from him with a few words about his local Bangkok and what he has been up to these days. 


Hi Sunju, glad to have you on Pulse. You're a pretty busy man these days, what have you been up to lately?

Hi Pulse! Thank you for this interview and giving me the chance to share my mind. Things are surely going the right way with upcoming gigs in Europe coming in the next few months, kicking off with Sonar in Barcelona. On the Asia front I will be playing in my usual homes like Kyo Singapore, Koh in Bali and Time in Manila soon.

Locally I keep myself busy also running my bi-monthly event "inhale" at Glow. But a recent project im very honored and proud to be a part of is called "Karma Klique", which I run together with very talented friends, which is a non profitable event company using the power of music to raise funds for charity, I'm a strong believer in karma and I really wanted to give something back to those in need so the outcome was very positive.

It seems like Bangkok is booming lately with quality music - Kolour, Beam, your boat parties... Do you feel the buzz in the city?

Bangkok has its heart in the right place which is the most important part for me, being a part of this movement for a while now I've witnessed this natural and positive growth amongst the community of local clubbers and DJs, many of whom have evolved into being great promoters, producers, club owners and top quality event organizers like Kolour.

Clubs like Glow and Beam stand strong at the moment as they raise the bar on the quality of sound and artist bookings whilst still maintaining a vision to push and further the local artists as well.

But this year I am grateful and very proud of the Thai community getting stronger. Groups of young djs and producers like DOTT, Junesis and Ellie whom I have so much faith in as I'm proud to see them emerging into their own identity and creating a path to inspire the younger generation.

Now to your music - you had a great year of releases in 2015. What do you have in store this year? Do you usually work out of a home studio in Bangkok?

2015 was surely special as it marks the year that opened a lot of new doors for me after releasing with labels like Turbo that really welcomed me into the family. However I did take a couple of months away from the releases and started to experiment a lot in the studio as I was not feeling inspired about the music I was producing and needed to find myself and a different direction. This year I do plan to release and already have a few works on the pipeline with the usual suspects, and some new remix projects plus the additional rebirth of my side project called "moodwax" which will turn into an album hopefully by 2017.

What have you been playing lately? What are crowds responsive to in Bangkok, is there a distinctive sound emerging?

As every year goes by I am constantly seeking something new for soul, but recently I got bit by the music bug when I was in Singapore my good and talented friend Zig Zach turned me on to a mix from Debbie Chia and it was phenomenal, there was some vibe and message in this mix that almost spoke to me and since then my ears have been tuned to dig deeper and hunt for music that resonates with me and hopefully has the same effect with my audience. Currently my sound is rooted in techno and the many shades around it. Crowd is slowly getting responsive to it, but its always step by step and educating is really important as well, its all about balance.