We’ve been hearing a lot of Tokimonsta and Nosaj Thing, they don’t need any more hype. The legendary Charanjit Singh also needs no introduction so we’d like to give mad props to some of our favourite electronic music producers of Asian descent whose work we applaud and admire.

Kim Ann Foxman

The half-Filipino was a vocalist for Hercules & Love Affair. She has been making some awesome house tunes as a lone ranger. She recently re-released her 2010 single ‘Creature’ with four new remixes from the likes of a/jus/ted and Nick Simoncino on her very own record label, Firehouse.

Maya Jane Coles

The 27-year-old is of British and Japanese descent and has been called an enigma for very legit reasons. Maya’s production is handled by her every step of the way. She writes, produces, arranges, engineers and mixes all of her tracks from start to finish. The versatile producer and DJ tinkles with dubstep under her Nocturnal Sunshine moniker and the result is nothing but astounding. The deep and somewhat soulful, ‘Believe’ featuring Chelou is one of the stand out tracks from the Nocturnal Sunshine album. 


This Asian-American producer has almost successfully remained anonymous. If it wasn’t for the availability of a quick search that reveals his real name (Steven Zhu), and one single photo of him, he would have fully accomplished total anonymity. With strong convictions that music should speak for itself, his track, ‘Faded’ became one of the most influential track in 2014. It even nabbed him a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording earlier this year. 


A man of Vietnamese descent, Arnaud Bernard expertise is fusing hip-hop beats with sexy R&B and disco synths. He has been one busy man, touring non-stop for the last three years. He has been labelled as one of the most exciting beat-makers of recent year, thanks to releases like his Chinoseries collections, which was made with samples found while traveling Asia.

Onra dropped his fifth solo album, Fundamentals, back in May and it received rave reviews and not so favourable ones either. Nonetheless, this dude is one unique talent with a history of endless awesomeness.  

Ken Ishii

Japanese techno maestro is a legend in his own right. He was responsible for creating his own version of techno before the sound was fully embraced by his fellow countrymen. Out of all the greatness he has achieved, Ken is still super proud to have produced the main opening and closing theme for the Winter Olympics in Nagano back in 1998. He’s still killing it after more than two decades in the scene and this remix is a testament to that claim.

Pat Lok

Pat Lok wows his fans with feel-good, pool party friendly house music with elements of R&B, funk, and synths added into the mix. Hailing from Vancouver, he has been making a good impression this year reaching more than 3 million plays on Soundcloud. His soulful single ‘All in My Head’, and numerous remixes have received the nod of approval from the music community.  

Gerald Ang

This Singaporean producer is known to create ‘eargasmic’ techno music that deserves more spins in the clubs. Influenced by a plethora of music influences, his passion has always been electronic music and techno since Gerald first started DJing as a volunteer at various independent radio stations in the late 90’s while living in Melbourne.

He has since been pushing his vibes through various means and has played gigs from the radio to the clubs, and festivals in the Lion City and around the region. A non-believer in music trends, Gerald’s success comes from constantly staying true to his musical roots.

Sunju Hargun

We interviewed the Thai producer/DJ recently and in case you missed the article, here is a little bit of Sunju Hargun we’d like to share with you. For one, he has been an influential front-liner of Asia's underground. His music is defined by his signature dark and minimal sounding melodies.


Mumbai native Sanaya Ardeshir is a classically-trained pianist turned future-garage and IDM producer. In 2013, she released 'Ever Bridge', an independent art and music project where she worked with several graphic artists and designers from various backgrounds to portray subjectivity and interpretive freedoms within music. She worked with stage production and 3D mapping wizards, Wolves, to develop an audio-visual concept with which she toured the country to promote the album. Yay for girl power, ambient music, and phat basslines.

Arjun Vagale

There’s a bunch of great house and techno music producers from India that not many seem to know, but Arjun Vagale is quite the exception. He has in fact built himself into one of India’s most coveted DJs. He is very well-known for his ‘intense, driven, and atmospheric’ techno vibes. When he’s not DJing or producing, Arjun runs global record label, MakTub Music, where he indulges in his other passion; discovering and promoting fresh talent. He also runs India’s premier electronic music school, The ILM Academy, and is co-owner of UnMute Agency, which manages the finest underground talents in India.