Known to many as Cape Town’s “trap and bass hero”, RVRW (pronounced ‘roar’) has released a new single, ‘Pick Pocket’, on independent label Do Work Records.

Do Work Records founder Das Kapital says “RVRW is an artist who is uncompromising in his drive to try new things musically. ‘Pick Pocket’ is a dark and cheeky riddim that I personally can’t get enough of. It’s part hip-hop part club music. It’s all RVRW”.

“Writing this track was a really exciting process” says RVWR. “I wrote 90% of it on a binge writing session one night and only ended up sleeping at 4am. I went in to Red Bull Studios the following Tuesday and started recording with Shamon Cassette. He has tons of energy… super productive. I’m really proud of the track”. The Brooklyn based MC explains the lyrics: “I feel comfortable wherever I go… The song ‘Pick Pocket’ stemmed from a conversation I had with a Capetonian who suggested I tuck my chains and watch out for pick pockets on the street – this became an ongoing thing with friends and others reminding me of the criminal activity that goes down and the risk of being a pickpocket victim. I’ve lived in Iraq for two years – so a man that could look me in my eye and stick his hands in my pocket is the least of all my fears”.

“I knew from the first 5 minutes that this kid was the truth… RVRW is much more of a producer than just a beatmaker… I’m looking forward to making a lot more music with RVRW in the future”.

‘Pick Pocket’ will be released on 30th November on iTunes, Beatport and other retail and streaming services.

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