Having been one of FUSE London’s long-time residents, Seb Zito has established himself as one of today’s most in demand and forward thinking DJs and producers. Along with FUSE boss Enzo Siragusa, and fellow residents like Rossko and Rich NxT, FUSE has become a clubbing staple in Ibiza as well - a haven for truly underground dance music, where Seb consistently keeps the dance floor rocking with his deep, subtle, funky and brand of house and techno.

This style also translates to the studio, with Seb releasing tracks like the recent ‘Never’ on both FUSE London and Infuse, which he also A&R’s for . We were lucky enough to get an hour of Seb’s finest for this week’s podcast, and caught up with him to find out more about his drum and bass background, the influence of London, and his relationship with Ibiza.


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Has London had a particularly big influence on you as an artist and if so, how? Yes, massively. I’m a born and bred Londoner and grew up in the heart of it all, as I literally lived a stones throw away from the End.

London is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, and this is reflected in the music played and loved across the city. From a young age I was exposed to so much musically, like garage and jungle. I was more on the garage tip, but from this I started raving young and obviously started DJing. I take a lot of my experiences from the dance floor and I’ve raved a lot over the years and I try to express this in my music, so yes London has always been a huge influence  

I read that the first track that got you into underground music was ‘Allnighter’ by 24 Hour Experience – do you remember where you first heard it? Are there any particular parties or other pieces of music that sparked your interest in house and techno in particular? I heard that on Chicago FM, and as I was young and at the time then, I was completely blown away – at that point I was listening to Oasis.

My love for garage died towards the end of 99, MCing took over and the raves became moody. My friends at the time were all listening and going out to house (music raves) and I followed them. It took some time because I felt the music was too soft, but living in London I had so much choice and started raving at the end (Steve Lawler’s Harlem Nights), The Cross, The Key and Bagleys, and of course one of my favourite Turnmills. I was a resident for Smartie Partie back in the day, and it was here where I explored a wide range of styles within house.  

Your productions are often described as raw – has being so closely involved with the FUSE crew influenced your sound? Yeah of course. We all influence each other and I’d like to think I’ve also helped influence the FUSE sound.

Does being part of a close-knit collective influence you a lot? Do the other guys at FUSE give you feedback on your productions? Yeah it’s what makes us all so successful in what we do. To have an honest opinion from someone I respect and trust is key.

Is there any element of friendly competition when you guys are DJing together? I don't know. I don't look at this as a competition. I just play, and when we get to jam as a group, it’s more inspiring and I get to learn and also give back.

The FUSE parties are really unique in Ibiza as at the core you have strong residents like yourself, Rossko, Alexkid, and obviously Enzo Siragusa. You don’t really book other artists often, how do you maintain the interest and keep FUSE moving forward in Ibiza particularly? Through playing good music and making people dance. I think it’s that simple really.

You’ve had a few great summers at Sankeys Ibiza – what is it about the Sankeys environment that works so well for FUSE? Did you try to recreate what you had back in London and transport it to Ibiza? It's a dark low ceiling venue, very typical of a London club, so obviously we’re going to feel at home instantly. Being in a comfortable environment is key to the party’s success, not only as a DJ, but for the clubber too.  

I know Enzo’s relationship with Ibiza goes way back – have you had a long relationship with Ibiza as well? Yeah, mine goes back 13 or 14 years. I think the first time I walked onto the Space Terrace, I was blown away by the music, club and people.

What’s your favourite after-party spot on the White Isle? It used to be Space and DC-10, now there isn’t one which makes me sad, and I must say its taken some time to get used to it out here.

You have releases coming up on Wizz and Fuse London – can you tell us more about these? Do you have any more releases forthcoming? Wizz is a new pressing and distribution company set up by my friends Re-UP, and they liked the track, so I gave it to them. I made the track on the Ibiza-Barcelona boat back home last summer.

The next FUSE release is a collaboration with Dan Farsarelli. We’ve been sending music to each other for years and finally got something down in the studio. It's a four track EP and we also have another three tracks set to go out on Memoria. I think you’re going to see a lot from us both over the year, which I’m excited about.

I also have 2 remixes hitting soon on D-Floor and the Cerca Trova label. Whilst I’m in Ibiza I plan to make a 3rd FUSE London release and may even try and push Enzo for an album.

Seb Zito plays at FUSE Ibiza at Sankeys Ibiza tonight along with Enzo Siragusa, Rich NxT and Rossko. Buy tickets here.

Listen to Seb Zito on Pulse Radio.