If you are like most of the Pulse Radio fans and followers, you dedicate copious amounts of time listening to music. You probably listen to music when you sleep, when you cook, even when you are fuming because your boss has told you to file that report on the annual growth of carrots south of Parys. In fact you could be listening to music right at this moment.

Listening to music on the go is no longer just a simple pass time or way to entertain yourself when you are bored. It has become a gigantic sub-culture. In a sense, it seems as though it is no longer what you are listening to that matters but how are you listening to it. People want to be seen sporting the newest, brightest, shiniest set of headphones moreover as some sort of nonsensical expression of their identity.. Some headsets are so crazily priced, one could earn street-cred by just owning the packaging.

Beats by Dre and SkullCandy sealed their corporate fate by cleverly placing their product in the hands of sports stars, celebrity DJs, famed musicians and any prominent fashionista willing to adorn a pair. In the space of 8 years, Beats By Dre has generated a net worth of over 1 billion dollars. Its fiercest competitor SkullCandy rakes in 300 million dollars in annual revenue. New brands such as these, have eclipsed well respected electronics manufacturers who were here long before them and in doing so have set a new precedent for how we listen to music.It’s hard to miss a pair of Beats By Dre. They are the instantly recognizable, cause and catalyst of a global trend in coveted and highly fashionable audio accessories, a must-have item for any quasi social hipster with the desire to upscale his/her social proof.

The allure of an improved social status comes at a cost. So the question remains: Are these newfound flashy and expensively priced headphones really worth it? Are they in fact superior to the Sonys Pioneers and Sennhiesers that have been around for decades?

Time Magazine conducted a study to settle the score and determine whether products like Beats By Dre and SkullCandy match in function what they seem to scream in form. The study, conducted by top electronic pundits put nearly 3000 pairs of headsets through the test in an attempt to present a clear picture to the consumer. 75% of each score was based on the opinion of the expert whilst the remaining 25% covered product specs and overall features i.e. frequency, sensitivity, noise cancelling, etc. The results were not surprising.

The infographic below displays the results for the highest scoring headsets. So before you splash your cash and go for broke, take the time to find out if what is luring you has legs. The results may surprise you and save you  some hard earned money. Ultimately its still your choice. All we can do is try to dispel misconceptions, replace them with facts and hope we succeed in reminding you that all that glitters is not gold.

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