DJ Elle Morgan has been gaining popularity as one of the world’s youngest working DJs. She began DJing at 11, and now at age 13 she is among the most in-demand DJs in her age range. Through touring, producing and running her teen club called Elle’s House, she also finds time to get her homework done and maintain an active social life. We had a chance to chat with Elle and ask her a few questions about her career, aspirations, school and social life.

You began DJing at a young age and have received a lot of positive attention recently. What have been some highlights of your career so far? I actually started when I was 11, but getting ranked #1 DJ in Houston and then hitting Top 100 on The DJList, being able to spend time with Steve Aoki & the DeckStar Crew, being signed with a manager, spinning with LA Riots, spinning at Anime Matsuri, being on TMZ, and being on the Bender with Ben Harvey. Honestly, so many things have happened over the past year it's hard to highlight. It's quite amazing.

You opened a club for friends your age to come and enjoy your music - Elle's House, located in kid's party venue Pump It Up. Tell us more about the decision and process of opening Elle's House? What were some of the challenges you faced with this? At one point in time in my career, I had a residency at a local kid's club called The Gorilla Hole, and I played for 5th and 6th graders. I did that for a little over a year, and then stopped because I got too busy with adult shows and school. After some time passed, I realized that there was a big demand still for my younger fans to hear me play. Plus I still wanted to help the younger generation appreciate the music at an early age like I did, so I decided to open up Elle's House. The biggest challenge was having the parents understand that it's a family safe environment.

You've stated that you've been listening to House music your entire life. You're in a unique position because the House movement began before you were born and has changed significantly over the last 5-6 years. Have you had an opportunity to dig into some of this music's routes whether it be Disco in New York, Techno in Detroit or House in Chicago? I grew up listening to a lot of Chicago House. Growing up in St. Louis, the Chicago influence was very strong, from people like Bad Boy Bill, DJ Irene, Ron Carroll, and DJ Psycho Bitch, and I've definitely been influenced by Dave Aude and his LA style.

How do you balance school, friends, homework and your DJ career? I work REALLY hard in school, and my friends understand my career. My friends encourage me and understand how important my career is to me. I still go to the mall and the movies and have sleep overs with my friends. I do my homework in school because I know I'm busy when I get home with piano, production & practicing for gigs. It's hard, but I balance it the best I can.

Middle School can be rough. How do you handle negative attention? I really don't get negative attention at school - everyone is really positive, from the students, teachers and principal. Actually I'll be spinning at school on February 28th. 

You DJ using CDJs and no laptop - do you think you're going to try your hand at vinyl? I have a set of 1200s, and I do have a lot of vinyl from the early 2000's that I play around with. I would like to get some current vinyl, and do a gig with just vinyl, but we'll see. It's really hard to finance both and stay current.

Do you want to explore production? I have been working in the studio for about a year. My first track "Starkidz" will be out soon!

What are some of your dream gigs? Tomorrowland, EDC, WMC, UMF, Madison Square Garden, Ibiza & TomorrowWorld!

What's on the horizon for Ms. Elle Morgan in 2014? Doing a lot more traveling, really focusing in the studio, and getting my EP done before WMC/UMF.

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