Fuse residents Rossko and Seb Zito handpick a couple of classic moments that made the crew’s second season at Sankeys Ibiza so special.


Closing the Fuse Pre-Opening party - 29th May 2013: Closing the basement in Sankeys really set me up for the rest of the summer in Ibiza. I learnt a lot about the sound to play, the energy, the vibe and how to deliver in that room. It can be electric when you really connect with everyone inside. Gaining this knowledge, I carried into the rest of my sets playing at different times and moods throughout the season. I'm happy for this, as I originally I had prepared for the opening set, I was only told only a few hours before that the set times had been changed around!

Fuse Residents Party with Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito, Rich Nxt, Rossko - 4th September 2013: This party showed how important the residents are to Fuse, and how important it is for us as residents to show our sound and what we are about to the people who follow Fuse. The crowd, the vibe and the music was spot on. And with one of the highest attendances of the summer, I realized that the party had really picked up momentum. Just like at our London parties, I saw many residents of the island, people who flew in just for the party, and workers who had been there partying since May.


Sonja Moonear at Fuse on 31st July: The week when Sonja played for us was pretty special. She's an amazing DJ and played a set to remember. To top it off, she then played back-to-back with Enzo, which worked perfectly for the closing hours.

Fuse Residents Party with Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito, Rich Nxt, Rossko - 4th September 2013: The resident party with Ross, Enzo, Rich and myself was probably the best Fuse to date in Ibiza, as the atmosphere was electric and the crowd was with us from start to finish.

Fuse Ibiza’s closing party happens tonight at Sankeys Ibiza.

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