Entering September, the last full month of the infamous Ibiza season, there’s a buzz in the air. The weight of August has left, and the excitement and anticipation for the beginning of the closing parties is now truly palpable, giving everyone a renewed bounce in their step, including the masters of deep tech, Fuse and company.


At Sankeys Ibiza, It’s Wednesday again, and we headed down for another hit of the weekly underground party, Fuse. A long standing institution on the London clubbing scene, Fuse is continuing to make its mark on the underground house and techno scene, managing to keep their offerings fresh and unique, delivering some of the most innovative and exciting sounds on the island. But what makes this party truly special is its ability to draw one of the best crowds week in and week out, all without the need to fluff its line up with big draw headliners - save for the rare, special occasion - instead keeping the focus squarely on the Fuse residents, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rossko, Fuse DJ resident of two years and producer for the Fuse label, has long been making his mark in the underground scene. Finding his place in the afterhours arena. His direction is fitting for Fuse, developing organically with cutting edge sounds, blending well with the main man Enzo Siragusa and his other resident DJs. Entering Sankeys at 1am, Rossko pulled the crowds early, filling the red and black Sankeys basement with an excited audience who were already raring to go. Starting smoothly, his sounds have a minimal build with spacey effects, creating an interesting dub-house journey. Rossko presented himself as the quirkier DJ of the bunch, as his tracks were more abstract, hovering over big, basey beats. Working with the crowd, Rossko took his basement of ravers through two hours of his unique and innovative ‘Fusic’ music. Lifting the tempo and moving to a more pumping baseline, the crowd reaction grew in excitement, sending revellers searching for more space on the dance floor so they could really let loose and get down with the sound. Nearing the end of the set, he left his audience with their hands in the air with atmospheric, minimal beats, clearing the path for Fuse’s lead resident, Enzo Siragusa.

When Fuse founder, Enzo Siragusa comes to the decks, you can feel the anticipation running high on the dance floor. From the Fuse regulars who hold their residing space in front of the DJ booth, to the new additions throughout the low ceiling Sankeys Basement, Enzo Siragusa lifts the tempo ever so slightly, while maintaining the flow like the pro he is. Enzo brings big base flowing dub-techno to all his revellers. With chunkier baselines and his innovative blend of dub-house and techno, which the Fuse faithful have labeled ‘Fusic’, he always keeps the club full of intrigued listeners, remaining locked to the dance floor week after week. Lifting the crowd with vocal samples like Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good,’ Enzo Siragusa is consistently innovative and fresh, encompassing the Fuse brand in both ethos and style. Boss.

The Fuse loyal got an extra special treat for the closing party this week, with a two hour back to back journey from residents Seb Zito and Rich Nxt, who are both long standing members of the Fuse family. Both mixed it up, complimenting each other’s sound with low slung, dirty baselines, infused with soulful vocals, creating a hypnotic projection of sounds. The Fuse boys have once again smashed it, keeping the dance floor packed right up until closing, making Sankeys the only place to be on a Wednesday night.

Until next week. 


Listen to Fuse at Sankeys Ibiza on Pulse Radio.