Richie Hawtin had quite a weekend at Coachella. Originally scheduled to play 10:45pm – close on Saturday night, hours before his set he posted a picture on instagram showing a broken hard drive and stating “unfortunately the technology that is the foundation of my career is not playing friendly'm not able to perform at Coachella.”

Then, in a story told through twitter, the following events are a nice reminder that DJs in todays day and age are still there to help each other out and give audiences what they deserve. Cassy covered for Hawtin on Saturday, and Jamie Jones, Maya Jones Coles, and Loco Dice all gave up portions of their set so he could play on Sunday. Kudos to Richie for sticking around and making it work, and the rest for helping out!

Long live good sportsmanship in music. Stay tuned for more Coachella Weekend One news here on Pulse.

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