Douglas Greed is the idiosyncratic producer/DJ from Jena, East Germany. One of seminal label Freude Am Tanzen's prodigal sons (they started an off shoot label especially for one of his productions) his album KRL last year and the recent remixes have been met with widespread praise from both underground house and tech heads, as well as coffee shop jazz enthusiasts. Pulse's Ellie Hewitt talked to Douglas about nurturing little babies, his live show, stalking his favourite author and introducing his 'dear liver' into the world. 

Pulse Loves.... 'When A Man Sings On A Track', its hilarious, do you think people are hyper critical of music these days? Some people really are and kind of pissing in their own beer. I sometimes feel that there are actually people who pay the entrance fee to a club just to be annoyed. "Oh lets go see the artist ****** tonight - I heard he's terrible! Let's spend some money for that! Its gonna be so much fun giving him the evil eye and asking him stoopid music requests."

Pulse Loves.... Freude Am Tanzen started their own off shoot label exclusively for that track 'Dougi01', how did that make you feel?  
Actually it was a ad hoc decision as we felt that we have to put out "When a man sings on a track" as soon as possible. But we're thinking about keeping that little baby alive, nurturing it and watching it grow.

Pulse Loves.... [literally SO MUCH] your album KRL from a while back, what was your inspiration for it? 
There was no direct moment of inspiration. Since I was a pimple faced teenage boy I dreamed about releasing a album. Sitting by the chimney and holding that precious double vinyl - dropping tears of joy. I didn't want to make just a dancefloor album so I kept it quite deep and diverse. It was a lot of fun producing without staring at the dancefloor all the time. And I really enjoyed working with all the vocalists - that was a new experience for me.

Pulse Loves... The remixes 'Kumpel Versionen' as well, which features offerings from Mollono Bass, Mooryc and Emerson Todd, its such a fresh take on the album, were you happy with the package? 
Listening to those remixes was fun and disturbing at the same time. It felt nice to hear a fresh take on that tracks, but also it's really disturbing if you heard a track for maybe 2300 times at the studio while producing it and all the sudden there is a different melody. It's like watching a scene in a horror movie and you know that the killer is right behind locker in the shower room, you can't do anything. I'm really happy with the remix package it's diverse, something that I really enjoy!

Pulse Loves.... Jena, East Germany. Where are your favourite haunts? I would say our club "Kassablanca" where I spent many years as DJ and Promoter and introduced my dear liver to the world beer.

Pulse Loves.... Watergate. Tell us about your upcoming show there on the 26th of October
At Watergate I will play with my live project which features the singer Fabian Kuss and the Percussionist Michael Nagler. Its quite lot of fun for me to play live as I have those two guys to mess around with. I've learned a lot of new stuff the last couple of months when it comes to the liveact. I recorded a bunch of new tracks with Fabian Kuss, so there will be some new material pretty soon!

Pulse Loves... Your taste in music. What records are currently making an impact for you? 
Besides all that dance music I'm really into bands like The Mars Volta, Radiohead and Tool. It's inspiring to hear their music and try to figure out how they produced the stuff. When it comes to electronic music besides House and Techno I truly love the stuff by DBridge, Instra:Mental and Exit Records.

Pulse Loves... Your name. How did you choose it and why? The name kind of relates to the canadian author Douglas Coupland [pictured above]. Growing up, I really enjoyed his books, and read them all.  So I decided to call myself Douglas. I met him last year on my birthday. I told him the story and gave him my album. I think I creeped him out a bit even though I assured him that I'm not a stalker or serial killer!


Pulse Loves.... Everything you do. What does the future hold for you? I got a bunch of remixes coming out soon, a single on BPitchControl, and new project called "Eating Snow" with my buddy Mooryc. I try to spend as much time in the studio as possible and try to knit a couple of new beats, so I can wear them soon. And I'm quite busy djing and playing live. So I hope the Madame Future holds some excitement and new cities to visit for me! I haven't played in the UK yet! 


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