Social Ticketing

Harness the full potential
of your social network to maximise revenue

  • Engage your Audience
  • Amplify the Event
  • Manage all Ticketing

84% of millennial audiences

do not trust traditional advertising

With over a million monthly interactions across our own social channels and a deep understanding of digital marketing for events, we can help you increase ticket sales.

Pulse Affiliation

Make the world your sales team

Incentivize all users of Pulse to become your sales team – simply tick the box, move the slider to set a commission amount and you’re done.

Anyone viewing your event can claim a unique URL to share with their network – earning commission on every sale.

Promo Teams

Create a private sales network

92% of Millenials trust earned media - such as recommendations from friends - so the need for today’s promoters to harness social influencers to sell tickets is vital.

Create multiple promo teams - each with different commissions and discount configurations.

Quickly identify top performers via the in page performance graph.

Track Conversions

Connect your marketing campaigns

Measure, review and make adjustments to your social marketing strategy.

Integrate your Pulse Event page with Facebook, Twitter and Google tracking pixels.

Track the effectiveness of your digital marketing all the way through to checkout confirmation.


Make your event go viral

Let Pulse support engagement, loyalty, and fun by integrating game-like thinking to market your event.

With our gamification technology, you can create a fun and original incentive program to encourage:

  • Sharing your event through social media platforms
  • Providing more personal data
  • Ensuring competitions and giveaways go viral
  • Getting more views on your video marketing assets
  • Ticket purchase

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