Smart Analytics

Business insights to help you make smarter decisions.

  • Engage your Audience
  • Amplify the Event
  • Manage all Ticketing

Take an in-depth look

at your organisation

Important financial dashboards and reports about ticket sales and more are always accurate and available 24/7.

Real time Data

Easy to understand, easy to access

Understanding your event’s performance should be fast and easy to understand.

The Pulse Ticketing event dashboard gives you a clear visual on the metrics that matter.

Detailed Reports

To make educated decisions

Access our practical, pre-built reports to get the information you need quickly. Analyze and gain granular insight into your ticket sales.

Need a special report? No problem. Drop us a note and we will get it done.

Export your data

Because flexibility is key

Use your data in as many ways as possible to improve marketing and get further insights about your customers.

We make it easy to export your data in spreadsheets or PDF.

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