How It Works

Selling tickets on Pulse Radio couldn't be easier!  Simply follow the steps below to create, manage and register your event online in under 5 minutes.


Event Creation

Customizable Event Page


To begin, Login or Sign Up for a Pulse Radio by clicking "Login" on the top right hand side of the site.  You can create a unique login with an email or password or click connect with Facebook and gain access to building your own Pulse profile within seconds.  Follow the prompts under "My Tickets" which will help you set up an event page complete with logos, flyer images, URLs and ticket management facilities.

Easy to access anywhere

By sharing your unique URL on your own website or through social media and email blasts, fans can easily purchase tickets via any web enabled device.

Payment Management

Vending tickets as a venue or promoter is a breeze, our solution accepts debit, credit card and Paypal payments from around the world.


Event Promotion

Get the word out

As soon as an event is created, it's pushed to Facebook through our site's Open Graph intergration.

Make the most of social media

Our event pages employ one-click social media widgets that allow fans to confirm attendance on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and soon even more platforms. This allows you to broaden your exposure into the wider online community as a whole by allowing users to spread the world of your event and invite new attendees across their network of friends.

Manage & Track attendance & sales

We offer real-time sales tracking data that enables you to view which marketing campaigns and social networking strategies are yielding the results you're after.  View geographically where your buyers are purchasing tickets from through our integrated Google Maps and see how many tickets sell on which days through displayed graphs.  We give you more data than our competitiors so you can drill down to see what's truly effective and maximize the mileage of any and all promotional efforts.

Event Management


Check-in those with advance purchase tickets, print guest lists, add additional attendees and manage how many ticket holders are already onsite from any web-enabled device. Manage/Edit your guest-lists from anywhere and at any time.

Fully Digital

Use our Promoter mobile app, for innovative and helpful ways for promoters and users alike to access and edit their ticket status and purchases at any time.

Night of the Event

With our iOS compatible scanning device you'll quickly be able to scan barcode tickets and ensure a smooth flow of traffic into your event without the hiccups that often accompany QR codes.