Finely Tuned & The Abercrombie Present Kolsch

Finely Tuned & The Abercrombie Present Kolsch

Line up

Kolsch // Parkside DJs // Tom Witheridge // Brother J


Rune Reilly Kölsch, or just simply Kölsch. The half-Danish, half-Irish DJ and producer has actually been around since 1995 under various aliases such as Rune RK (creator of the Ibiza dance-floor classic “Calabria”), but the Kölsch moniker really gained momentum last year with the release of his debut album 1977 on the prestigious Kompakt Records. A self-proclaimed techno enthusiast, Kölsch’s mission (as told to Mixmag) has been to “bring melody back to techno” amidst the swelling output of what he refers to as “ketamine house.”