Over the last eight years Pukka Up has become a club brand synonymous with flirtatious fun and free-spirited clubbing. From one-off boat parties to a global club brand Pukka Up has blossomed into the party that prides itself on being the exciting and fashionable face of 21st century hedonism. Pukka Up is a party that is built on an unrivalled atmosphere thanks to its dedication to crowd interaction. Their events create the memories that make Pukka Up the brand clubbers just keep coming back to. With established residencies in some of the biggest clubbing destinations in the world, Pukka Up has become an established international trend-setter from the coastline of Ibiza to the farflung clubs of China or anywhere inbetween that has a house beat and dancing feet.

Pukka Up started in 2003 as a series on sell-out boat parties on London’s Thames. Snapped up by the capital’s nightspots like Turnmills, Pacha and The Cross it was obvious there was something infectious about Pukka Up’s ethos – putting fun first. In 2003 Pukka Up moved to Ibiza for the summer hosting the first of its long running Sunset Boat Parties, and in 2004 it received the Mixmag award for ‘most mentalist party’. Over the following five summers Pukka Up became an Ibiza staple and as the decade went on, took up residencies in Privilege and Es Paradis. By 2009 Pukka Up was celebrating its 100th Ibizan boat party and in 2010 even launched a spin off boat party brand; The Boat That Rocked. In the same summer it began hosting rooms at Space on both Carl Cox’s nights on Tuesday as well as Come Together on Fridays. This is a first for UK club brand and a true accolade of Pukka Up’s placing on the island.

Pukka Up’s influence has spread way beyond the Ibizan shores. MTV signed up to joint host the Pukka Up tour in ’07 broadcasting parties from the UK, Ireland and Miami across their MTV Galaxy Chart shows. In ‘08 Living TVs docusoap followed the Pukka Up promotions team during their the full season and in ‘10 Pukka Up was filmed for a BBC3 documentary on Ibiza. Accolades from the dance media continued with the likes of Mixmag, DJmag and M8 all singing the brand’s praises along with the award for best PR team in the Ibiza Annual Workers Awards.

Pukka Up has become one of the most successful touring club brands in the UK with over 100 UK nights a year - whether that’s club nights in every major club (Gatecrasher, Syndicate, Honeyclub, Air and Glam to name but a few) or festival appearances at events such as Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem, Planet Love, ZOO8, Wildchild, Indochine Singapore and Miami Winter Music Festival – Nikki Beach. Their Ibiza reunion parties are the biggest for an independent club brand filling Pacha every autumn. Tickets for their events are regularly found on eBay at double the original asking price! But it’s the international market where the brand has really flourished. Pukka Up now has residencies in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bangkok, Brazil, China, Delhi, Dubai, Ko Phang Nga, Kuala Lumpa, Miami, Oslo, Phuket, Poland, Singapore and more. What initially started as an eight date Australia tour in 2009 has grown into an annual pilgrimage. Last year’s events became front page stories for the national press. For the first time this year Pukka Up has licensed out its party formula to German, Austrian, Swiss and Australian promoters. The party continues…

Pukka Up’s events have always had the right mix of tunes. Their DJs play across the board from house to electro, classics to new gems – but importantly the DJs themselves never over shadow the party. Pukka Up is about the clubbers and while the soundtrack is paramount, it’s the not the DJs that the stars of the show – it’s the people on the dancefloor. Pukka Up have been releasing albums since 2009 and their first physical release is due in 2011 with a boat mix and club mix being released. Their summer radio shows are syndicated to FM and internet stations in New York, Italy, Dublin and around the world. The Pukka Up’s monthly podcast, found on iTunes, is equally as popular with interviews, mixes, competitions.

Making every event unmissable has been at the beating heart of Pukka Up. Since 2008 its Dirty Cops (Pukka Ups resident party starters) have helped get crowds going and keep the dancefloors debauched! The team of dancers are the first onto the floor and the last to leave, armed with give-aways, novelty props, caution tape, silly signs or just their own sass. During the World Cup the Dirty Cops became the Dirty Players, adorned with slogans like ‘I Scored!’ and ‘Keep off the pitch’ This summer the girls take on the ‘Too Hot To Handle’ personas with a whole new glammed up concept for 2011. The high class, socialite identity is going to be this summer’s look and Pukka Up will be at the forefront of it. With its sloganed T-shirts (‘Ibiza Loves Me’, ‘Hot Stuff’), clever concepts, free fans and their tongue in cheek humour Pukka Up will once again be serious about partying without taking themselves too seriously!

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Pukka Up Ibiza Reunion

Electric Brixton
06:30PM Sat 11 Oct 14


Pukka Up

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