Rich Thair and Jakeone have been producing music together since 2001, forming Toob when Jake was providing an electronic angle to the formidable live sound of Rich’s band Red Snapper.

Their first releases were 12”s on Groovetech and Jake’s marvelously off-kilter club label, Flameboy. These were picked up by a wide range of top DJs - Rolando, Andrew Weatherall and Laurent Garnier to name a few. Their acclaimed first album “How to Spell Toob” was released on Lo Recordings in 2005. Continuing to defy the ever-narrowing genres in dance music, the club singles “The Miscreant” and “4 Walls” created quite a stir with DJs across the board in the UK and Europe.

Toob have always been about combining an epic techno sound with their love of afro-beat, dub and real twisted punk funk. The electronic with the organic. Their album “Push Me, Pull You” saw them take this to a new level and pushing themselves both musically and production-wise. While Rich continued his quest for the perfect live break, Jake found his beaten up old bass, electric guitars… and his voice. In the clubs Jake had been experimenting using his vocals as another texture and a way to make the music a more direct and personal communication. On the record they took it further - enlisting the help of Alpha's Wendy Stubbs, her powerful harmonies bringing a new psychedelic gospel dimension to the music.

The album also featured a track written with Tim Simenon (Bomb the Bass) - the stealthy, breakbeat meets soundtrack monster 'Pirate Teeth’. It proved a successful collaboration and Jake and Rich both featured on BTB's album 'Future Chaos'.  The pair's newest EP, Chromaphon, was released in June 2011.


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