Having burst back onto the scene in 2009 with his Planetary Assault Systems 'Temporary Suspension' album on Berlin's tastemaker Ostgut Ton label, Luke Slater has been instrumental in reinvigorating the scene which he helped to create by bringing back techno's traditional, purist values. The human embodiment of the cyclical nature of music, Slater's many incarnations have, at various points in the past two decades, come to define techno.

In 2011 the veteran producer emerged from his Spacestation Ø UK studio to release his second P.A.S album on Ostgut Ton; 'The Messenger'. Through hypnotising tracks like 'Human Like Us', 'Bell Blocker' or 'Motif' that churn and undulate in addictive tension, to heavy club workouts like the thundering 'Rip The Cut', ‘Kray Squid’ or the riotous 'Cold Bolster', to more subdued and spaced-out moments like ‘Railer’ or ‘Beauty In The Fear’ Slater has created a highly critically praised electronic album which is as listenable as it is challenging, memorable and progressive and continuous to receive heavy club rotations from peers and fans worldwide.

Over 12 tracks of exploratory techno and electronica, Slater chases that fundamental wave - seeking new sounds while staying true to the original P.A.S. ideology and channels an on-going search for new ground into cutting-edge modern music, from non-conformist techno to exquisite electronica.

The impact of both albums can be measured against the demand for Slater’s worldwide DJ travels schedule and the Planetary Assault Systems Live performances that Luke and his crew have been touring for the past 3 years at festivals and clubs including Berghain, Tomorrowland, AgeHa, Time Warp, Amnesia, ADE, Fabric, Melt!, Dour Festival, Mysteryland, I Love Techno, BLOC, Klubbers Day, Aquasella, Space, Electrobeach Festival, Atomic Jam, DEAF, Social Club, Nature One and Awakenings.

Meanwhile, Luke’s Mote-Evolver imprint has impressed with a run of very well received releases spanning the range of the genre. With dancefloor bombs from Planetary Assault Systems, Shifted, Marcel Fengler and Psyk + deep space techno from Lucy, Samuli Kemppi, L.B. Dub Corp and various peak time dancefloor reworks; Mote-Evolver continues to deliver fresh momentum to the scene by steadfastly sticking to the twin values of consistent quality and varied content.

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Luke Slater

CLR Podcast 175: July 2012 Luke Slater
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