LNTG is fast becoming an online sensation thanks to you and his thousands of followers on Soundcloud. [Over 280,000 plays and counting.] His re-edit works show his productions skills and impeccable song choices, staying true to the original material and breathing new life into the tracks. The releases of his work have been met with great enthusiasm with his 'I get Deeper' receiving critical acclaim. He simply loves music and the respect shows.

LNTG is so much more than just a producer, much more.  He writes and produces his own original material and is one of the finest Djs Australia has ever produced.  LNTG does plan to do a lot of touring in the near future. And a little secret is that in the past he had a fear of flying, which I’m glad to say, is now over! All this with thanks to, believe it or not, Whoopi Goldberg, who shared this fear and a little flying app by Richard Branson.

This means he could be coming to perform somewhere close to you soon...
Once you see him play ‘live’ I am confident he will deliver a performance that lives up to everything that can be said about him here.
I know he would want me to thank you all for your support as he always appreciates it and looks forward to your feedback and hopefully your enjoyment of his work.

I think you can tell I’m a fan as well, but I do feel lucky and privileged to know and represent him.
Scott Thompson. 

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Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills
07:30PM Thu 24 May 18


Late Nite Tuff Guy

Disco Deviance Pulse 019: 13.06.12 Late Nite Tuff Guy
3 1692