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  • Listen to this Insane 1986 mixtape from Kirt Cobain
    Not for the faint of heart.
    A full year before practically anyone knew who Nirvana were, deceased frontman Kirt Cobain created a monster of a different kind.  While him ...
  • Lollapalooza “Zombie” Biter Arrested
    A man who bit a festival attendee has been apprehended.
    The man who reportedly attacked a festival goer at Lollapalooza has been arrested by Chicago police. Sergio Vicenteno, 33, of Chicago, was apprehe...
  • Anklepants: 'Boiler Room Is Not A Good Reference For My Live Show'
    We chat with the Aussie bred, Berlin based producer and discover there's much more to Anklepants than just a cockhead jumping about on stage.
    Let's be honest, the vast majority of people outside of Berlin came to the attention of Anklepants - the dude with an animatronic dildo for a nose ...
  • Ibiza’s New Hard Rock Hotel to Open World’s Most Expensive Restaurant
    It's 20 courses, but it will cost you. A lot.
    Playa d’en Bossa’s newest hotel is set to turn even more heads with the news that it is to open this exclusive restaurant. People hopin...
  • Cocaine-Filled Condoms Sent to Vatican
    Sounds like even people at the Vatican like to party.
    German customs officials intercepted a package addressed to the Vatican packed with 14 condoms full of cocaine. The haul contained 340 grams of the...
  • Watch: Slow Motion Beatboxing
    It's funny, it's gross, it's fascinating - it's slow motion beatboxing.
    Ever wondered what it's like to see beatboxing in slow motion? Us neither. But one man did, so German YouTube user Flula grabbed a slow motion...
  • Die Antwoord is Russian
    If you were wondering if anyone would ever have a reply to South African group 'Die Antwoord', this might be it.
    Remember when Die Antwoord first came out? Remember that album $O$? And that track ‘Evil Boy’? For the most, everything everybody ...
  • Russian Police Choir Sing Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'
    The Russian Police Choir covering 'Get Lucky' - this is about as strange as it gets.
    Just in time for your Monday morning, here's your daily dose of wierd. Nothing says crazy like a bunch of Russian cops getting right down with thei...
  • Watch The 7 Trippiest YouTube Videos Ever
    A collection of videos enough to get anyone's mind spinning.
    The world of YouTube can be a strange place to visit. Millions upon millions of us upload videos daily, from the damn right weird to the inexplicab...
  • WTF Brony Fail Video 2013: What You Need To Know
    Who knew a My Little Pony Convention could get this...weird.
    My Little Pony Convention 2013 Highlights is a wonderfully crafted homage to everything you don’t want in your life.  Large groups in th...
  • PHOTOS: DJ Serato Faces, Friday Edition
    Photos of some of the best DJ Serato Faces out there.
    We couldn't help but agree that DJ's Traktor/Serato faces are actually quite funny, even though we're used to seeing them all the time. It's that ...
  • The Reagans Want You to Do Drugs: First Ever Meme Surfaces
    The Reagans speak out on drugs.
    Internet memes have become a ubiquitous and highly entertaining waste of the modern human’s time. They’re everywhere, from LOLcats to E...
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