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  • Urban Outfitters Now The World's Largest Vinyl Seller
    It seems hipster lust for vinyl has had one unintended consequence.
    It's now being reported that Urban Outfitters sells more vinyl than anyone else in the world. The chain has seen so much success from vinyl sales ...
  • This Ralph Lauren TV Ad Just Made Vinyl Record Shopping Uncool
    Watch this advert and have a puke bag ready.
    Paris Hilton's a DJ with a residency in Ibiza, DJs are all over car and alcohol adverts on TV, and vinyl sales continue to go through the roof (god...
  • Lusine's Guide to Seattle
    Lusine shares some of his favorite spots in Seattle ahead of Decibel Festival.
    Seattle has been Jeff McIlwain aka Lusine's home since he relocated from Los Angeles 12 years ago. With the annual Decibel Festival just around th...
  • Maher Daniel: 'I Could Not Be More Blessed'
    Canadian house selector Maher Daniel chats to us about Barcelona and his new EP, as well as serving up an exclusive vinyl only mix.
    Maher Daniel cut his teeth as a resident in Montreal, warming up for a plethora of the finest purveyors of house and techno – luminaries such...
  • Take A Video Tour Of The World’s Biggest Vinyl Record Collection
    Wow, this is amazing.
    Remember Paul Mawhinney? He was the Pittsburgh vinyl devotee struggling to find someone to buy his 3 million records strong collection, the poor fe...
  • Cassy: 'I’m thankful that there’s always changes happening'
    Ahead of her VIVa Warriors at Sankeys Manchester performance, we talk embracing change, artistic therapy, and the magic of Sankeys with Cassy Britton.
    When I finally get UK-native and global expat Cassy Britton on Skype for a chat, she’s taking some much needed downtime at her home in Ibiza....
  • Watch: 13-Year-Old DJ Dwells Wins DJ Competition
    Teenage scratch DJ Dwells wins the 2014 DMC NYC Regional Championship.
    We reported that a 13-year-old scratch DJ named Dwells won the 2014 Disco Music Club (DMC) NYC Regional Competition earlier this year, but a video ...
  • Pressing Plants Can't Keep Up With Vinyl Resurgence
    Too much of a good thing?
    Vinyl's continued boom is putting stress on manufacturers.  We've reported heavily on vinyl's resurgence in the last few years. This year alo...
  • Apollonia All Night Long at DC-10: In Review
    For the third Movement Torino takeover at DC-10, Parisian favourites Apollonia hit the White Isle’s world renowned underground haunt.
    Movement Torino’s Saturday night takeovers at DC-10 have been particular standouts in August, and the third in the series of parties raised t...
  • Andrew Weatherall: 'I was never ambitious for power and wealth'
    We chat not remembering The Haçienda, a new album, conspiracy theories, and 27 years of DJing with Andrew Weatherall.
    In a candid interview with Ro Maher, gentleman disc jockey Andrew Weatherall chats from his London studio about conspiracy theorists, a follow up t...
  • Freaks: 'everything has become so throwaway now'
    Having just released their final album, we talk to Freaks about 'Psych!', their career defining hit 'The Creeps', having a band in the digital age, and much more.
    Freaks are the hardest-working band you’ve never heard of. Luke Solomon and Justin Harris “literally tripped over [each] other” a...
  • Europe's Largest Counterfeit Vinyl Pressing Plant
    Police raided a massive illegal pressing plant in Germany.
    Police in Germany have uncovered a huge pressing plant.  The plant, which authorities believe to be Europe's largest, pressed not only counte...
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