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  • CTEMF and Red Bull Studio launch community driven SA electronic music timeline
    South Africa's first user generated timeline that pertains to the growth of electronic music in South Africa. Made possible by CTEMF and Red Bull. All inside.
    The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival and Red Bull Studio would like to present The Journey. This is special as it urges everyone to add pic...
  • Stop Facebook's Annoying "Pings" When Listening to Music
    Some helpful hints from us.
    Facebook seems to roll out something new every day, and their latest sound effects have lost their novelty fast. I remember the first time I heard ...
  • Spannered: Tales From The Rave
    Bert Random's new book follows a group of friends through the illegal party scene of the '90s. Read some extracts inside...
    Here at Pulse, we’re at the very forefront of electronic music in all its various guises and makeovers, casting a broad opinion over a select...
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Inception Presents Sasha | Droog | Freddy Be
Exchange LA
Sat 06 December 2014
Monday Social feat. Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero at SOUND
Sound Nightclub
Mon 05 January 2015
Monday Social feat. Supernova at SOUND
Sound Nightclub
Mon 26 January 2015