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  • Fresh Blood: Matt Walsh
    Clouded Vision boss and Turbo Recordings regular Matt Walsh provides an hour of off kilter, acid infused house.
    Getting his start back in the late '90s, the UK's Matt Walsh has gone on to become a 6 year veteran of the infamous Bugged Out!, and released on ma...
  • Punk Party: 'This is what we do and we love it.'
    Catch up with Punk Party and listen to their new remix!
    Although Punk Party is relatively new to the world of electronic music, they're definitely no strangers to good tunes. Nick John and Keith Varon ha...
  • Climbers: 'all the inspiration comes from life and experience'
    Culprit's Climbers provide an exclusive mix, and we chat about almost giving up, becoming Future Stars, inspirations and Mexican dance floor vibes.
    Mexican duo Jay Blakk and Kiko Deal, otherwise known as Climbers, have fast made a name for themselves since forming back in 2011. Ahead of a busy ...
  • Jan Blomqvist: 'these days so many tracks seem to be released unfinished'
    Jan Blomqvist provided us with an exclusive mix, and we chat about his early rock roots, pressures of the modern music industry, and his new album.
    A musician in the truest sense of the word, German native Jan Blomqvist was fully immersed in the world of music for many years before finding...
  • Klangkarussell Mixes Pulse.186
    Austrian duo Klangkarussell step up for this week's podcast.
    Austrian DJ/production duo Klangkarussell have been on a roll recently with the release of their new 'Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain)" EP on Casabl...
  • Dimensions Festival's Johnny Scratchley: 'Unpredictable and exciting'
    Dimensions Festival's Johnny Scratchley talks partying in ancient ruins, goats, hypercubes, and what it takes to put on one of the world's most unique parties.
    Croatia’s Dimensions Festival has fast become world renowned as one of the most beautiful, intimate and eclectic events out there. Taking pla...
  • Andrew Weatherall: 'I was never ambitious for power and wealth'
    We chat not remembering The Haçienda, a new album, conspiracy theories, and 27 years of DJing with Andrew Weatherall.
    In a candid interview with Ro Maher, gentleman disc jockey Andrew Weatherall chats from his London studio about conspiracy theorists, a follow up t...
  • Fresh Blood: Whyt Noyz
    Having just released on Richie Hawtin's Minus, we tapped Whyt Noyz for this week's Fresh Blood.
    In just a few years, UK duo WHYT NOYZ seem to have starting hitting their stride. With EPs on Minus, SCI+TEC, Octopus and Terminal M, and attention...
  • Willow Beats: Forest Creatures
    Willow Beats are an up-and-coming duo who are part of the new wave of producers currently blooming in Australia.
    Kalyani Mumtaz,17, and her uncle Narayana Johnson, 25, are the wonders who make up Willow Beats, a fledgling duo who are part of the current crop o...
  • Freaks: 'everything has become so throwaway now'
    Having just released their final album, we talk to Freaks about 'Psych!', their career defining hit 'The Creeps', having a band in the digital age, and much more.
    Freaks are the hardest-working band you’ve never heard of. Luke Solomon and Justin Harris “literally tripped over [each] other” a...
  • Anklepants: 'Boiler Room Is Not A Good Reference For My Live Show'
    We chat with the Aussie bred, Berlin based producer and discover there's much more to Anklepants than just a cockhead jumping about on stage.
    Let's be honest, the vast majority of people outside of Berlin came to the attention of Anklepants - the dude with an animatronic dildo for a nose ...
  • Turning The Music On With Neverdogs
    We sit down for a quick chat in the studio with Music On residents, Neverdogs.
    Italian duo Neverdogs have gained considerable recognition since forming a close relationship with Marco Carola’s Music On, performing stand-...
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