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  • Sign This E-Petition: Protect UK Clubs From Noise Complaints
    An e-petition has been launched in an attempt to protect clubs in the UK from noise complaints.
    The e-petition backs the introduction of a mandatory noise complaint waiver for anyone who moves into a property close to a live music venue. The ...
  • Skream: ‘EDM, the whole style of music, I f**king can’t stand it anymore’
    Skream got his contempt for EDM off his chest in a recent interview.
    The UK’s dubstep-pioneer-turned-house-and-disco-DJ, Skream, has joined the growing number of DJs controversially speaking out against the EDM...
  • Japanese Designer Creates Human Sized Synthesizer
    Watch this new RBMA project in action.
    A Japanese designer has created a giant playable synthesiser, aptly named Human Sized Synthesiser. The project is part of the month-long Red ...
  • Seth Troxler: ‘It’s not all jokes – I’m not Steve Aoki’
    A new film has taken a look into the life of Seth Troxler and, as always, Seth had some interesting things to say.
    Seth Troxler had some interesting things to say about DJ life in the latest Resident Advisor film. The film follows Seth Troxler as he tours around...
  • Vinny’s House Launch Tonight: New Vinny Da Vinci TV Show
    Vinny Da Vinci strikes again with a new TV show and an epic launch party tonight.
    ‘Vinny’s House’, a new TV show, is launching tonight - presented by the godfather of house not only in South Africa but with stat...
  • See What Vinyl and a Stylus Look Like at 1000 Times Magnification
    Ever wondered just what exactly was going on when you rested the stylus onto a hunk of wax and started playing? Well even if you had a rough idea,...
  • The Origins Of Zef: Ninja (Die Antwoord) And Sibot Reunite
    Rhythm fucker masterminds Ninja (Die Antwoord) and Sibot are making their musics make out again.
    Before there was Zef, before there were masks and flashing lights, there was Max Normal (and later Max Normal.TV). Two musical devils, DJ...
  • Watch: 4DSound in Action
    Stimming tests out 4DSound in this video.
    Dutch opera composer Paul Oomen has invented what he calls 4DSound, a new way to experience music. Inspired by classical music and Nikola Tesla, h...
  • Rudimental & Gorgon City to Play on Virgin Atlantic Flight
    Fancy your music streamed live from 30,000 feet?
    While Armin van Buuren and Afrojack are busy plotting gigs up in space, Rudimental and Gorgon City are teaming up for what will be the first-ever s...
  • Coachella & Firefly Form Festival Partnership
    America's most successful festival teams up with its fastest growing.
    Goldenvoice, the promoter who puts on Coachella, and Red Frog, the company behind Firefily in Delaware, have announced a joint venture. Goldenvoic...
  • Watch: This Burning Man Time-Lapse Will Blow You Away
    You've seen Burning Man in photos, and the incredible arial footage taken by a drone. But photographer Roy Two Thousand‘s 'Lake Of Drea...
  • Watch: A Drone’s Perspective of Burning Man
    Experience the magic of Burning Man from a bird's-eye view.
    Have you ever wished to experience the magic of Burning Man from a bird’s-eye view? Drones have been used at many events to capture a differ...
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