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  • Check Out The World's First 3D Printing Record Store
    Vinyl meets 3D printing.
    It's no secret that vinyl is on a comeback. Be it collectors or DJs, the look, feel, sound and artwork of vinyl keeps people coming back no matter...
  • The Record That Changed My Life Vol. 8: Splendour In The Grass
    Featuring Motez, Wordlife, Yacht Club DJs and Kilter.
    Ever wanted to know what started an artists love affair with music? Pulse Radio's 'Record That Changed My Life' series takes is back to where it al...
  • Austin City Limits Introduces The Golden Porta Potty
    I am a golden...bog?
    It's the only bummer at a festival: The Porta Loo. Festival WC facilities always leave a lot to be desired. Grubby sinks, no toilet paper, not to m...
  • What Did We Learn From Richie Hawtin's Reddit AMA?
    A revealing AMA from the techno icon.
    Techno icon Richie Hawtin got his very own Reddit AMA session last night, fielding questions for 90 minutes much to the delight of his fans. As in...
  • Soviet-Era Bootleg Recordings of Banned Music Pressed on Discarded X-Ray Plates
    Music fans were resourceful in the 1950s Soviet Union.
    During the 1950s when vinyl was scarce and the tape recorder wasn’t yet readily available in the Soviet Union, music fans were forced the be ...
  • Osunlade: Connecting The Dots
    Having worked with children's show Sesame Street, Patti Labelle and Defected, Yoruba boss Osunlade gives the word 'eclectic' a whole new meaning.
    It’s not every day you come across someone with such a colourfully & musically cultural background. Aside from being signed to the 15 yea...
  • Proxy: "I make my music stronger and louder for my people."
    We caught up with Russian DJ/producer Proxy!
    Russian artist Proxy decided to make music after a particularly inspiring performance by The Prodigy in Moscow's Red Square back in 1997. His very ...
  • Watch: Ten Walls Shares His Musical Journey & Influences
    Get a glimpse into the musical journey and influences of Ten Walls.
    The most recent edition of Slices on EB.TV features producer Ten Walls in a rare video interview. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Ten Walls has alrea...
  • Watch: Richie Hawtin and Wearable Sound
    More than your little white earbuds, this is portable sound you actually feel.
    Richie Hawtin thinks wearable sound is the future of music listening. With the live experience, we not only hear sound, but feel it, adding to our...
  • Report: Britain's High Cocaine Use Has Contaminated The Drinking Water
    Britons are doing so much blow they're making the water with it.
    There's so much cocaine use in Britain that it's showing up in the drinking water, a new report says.  Traces of the drug were found in a for...
  • Watch Sven Vath Stage Dive in Lima
    Papa Sven gets his rockstar on in Peru.
    While rowdy stage behaviour can be fairly common in the EDM world - Aoki and his cakes, for example - it seems far more rare to see techno jocks lo...
  • Sony's New Cassette Tape Holds 64,750,000 Songs
    Don't throw away your iPod just yet.
    Recently, and amazingly, Sony announced it had crammed 185TB of data onto the thing you used to rewind with a pencil (calling all '80s kids).&...
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Wed 20 August 2014
Monday Social feat. Just Be at SOUND
Sound Nightclub
Mon 04 August 2014
Framework Presents Danny Tenaglia | Simon Baker
Sound Nightclub
Fri 25 July 2014
Framework Presents Robert Dietz | Nitin
Fri 01 August 2014
Sat 02 August 2014
Fri 01 August 2014
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Exchange LA
Sat 09 August 2014
Baauer & Boyz Noize at Governors Island
Governor's Beach Club
Sun 10 August 2014
Sat 26 July 2014