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Fresh Blood

  • Fresh Blood: Noël Jackson
    The Hypertone Records label head and part owner of Superfreq Records serves up a mix made with "integrity, honesty, and a love of acid"
    This week's mix falls to L.A.'s Noël Jackson; Hypertone Records label head and part owner of Superfreq Records alongside David Scuba and the l...
  • Fresh Blood: Jorge Balarezo
    Meet newest member of our Fresh Blood family.
    We are proud to welcome the newest member of our Fresh Blood family with open arms and ears. Meet Jorge Balarezo, the Peruvian-born, Costa-Rican ra...
  • Fresh Blood: Tokyo Prose
    The London-based New Zealander steps up to the Fresh Blood plate.
    Drum and bass up-and-comer Sam Reed, aka Tokyo Prose, steps up the Fresh Blood decks this week. Originally kicking off as a duo in 2008, the Tok...
  • Who is the Richest DJ in the World?
    Celebrity Net Worth reveals its controversial list for 2014.
    Celebrity Net Worth’s controversial list of ‘The Richest DJs in the World’ has returned for 2014, and we’re not sure how we...
  • Fresh Blood: Agents Of Time
    "When we perform, our desire is to be only music, souls, to lose our identity for that moment." We find out who the mysterious Agents Of Time really are.
    Italian trio Agents of Time are some of house and techno's most mysterious newcomers.  Forming in 2013, the cloaked live act have had an incr...
  • Fresh Blood: Abu Ashley
    Abu Ashley joins the Fresh Blood family.
    Meet Khaled Elsayed, the Egyptian-born and Brooklyn-raised DJ/producer who goes by the name Abu Ashley. After working in New York’s undergrou...
  • Cassy: 'I’m thankful that there’s always changes happening'
    Ahead of her VIVa Warriors at Sankeys Manchester performance, we talk embracing change, artistic therapy, and the magic of Sankeys with Cassy Britton.
    When I finally get UK-native and global expat Cassy Britton on Skype for a chat, she’s taking some much needed downtime at her home in Ibiza....
  • Fresh: Unheard Of Steps Up
    As Spring is upon us here in South Africa, Pulse Radio gets 'Fresh' with Coalesce Etc founder Ockert Olivier aka Unheard Of.
    As Spring is upon us here in South Africa, Pulse Radio gets 'Fresh' with Coalesce Etc. founder Ockert Olivier aka Unheard Of. Coalesce means t...
  • 10 Best Labels Of 2014 So Far
    We look at 10 labels that have been changing the electronic music landscape so far in 2014.
    With the digital age, more labels have popped up in the last few years than have ever existed before. Many are fly-by-night, at home operations tha...
  • Fresh Blood: Locked Groove
    Hotflush Recordings' Locked Groove provides a Fresh Blood mix featuring North Lake, Recondite and Bicep.
    Antwerp-born, Berlin based Locked Groove, real name Tim Van de Meutter, has been popping up seemingly everywhere lately. Tale Of Us can't seem to g...
  • Boards Of Canada's 1996 High Scores EP to be Reissued
    Skam set to reissue Scottish duo's EP this October.
    20 years after the birth of Manchester IDM label Skam, Boards of Canada's 1996 'Hi Scores' EP is set for reissue.  Having been reissued ...
  • Fresh Blood: Matt Walsh
    Clouded Vision boss and Turbo Recordings regular Matt Walsh provides an hour of off kilter, acid infused house.
    Getting his start back in the late '90s, the UK's Matt Walsh has gone on to become a 6 year veteran of the infamous Bugged Out!, and released on ma...
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