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  • New Swedish Disco, SOBER, Bans All Alcohol
    New club wants to change the way we socialise.
     A new club is set to open this September in Stockholm that only sells soft drinks. The club's owner, Mårten Andersson, wants to change...
  • 48 Hours In Sydney
    Our guide to an epic weekend clubbing trip to Sydney.
    Pondering a weekend clubbing trip to Sydney? You've made the right choice. Forget the lockout laws - there are still plenty of great clubs and part...
  • Joakim's Guide To Paris
    The French producer shares his tips for a great day in Paris.
    Joakim Bouaziz, or just Joakim as he's known in the music world, has recently uprooted from his hometown of Paris to New York, where he now resides...
  • Violence On Sydney Streets Has Increased Since Lockout Laws
    Details here.
    New statistics show that violent incidents have increased outside of Sydney's nightclubs since the implementation of the NSW Government's controver...
  • Watch: Marquee Las Vegas Employs Drone To Serve Drinks
    Marquee Las Vegas taking bottle service to a whole new level.
    We know that when high rollers go clubbing in Las Vegas they're accustomed to a high level of service given the amount of money they're dishing out...
  • Sydney Clubs & Pubs Cop New Bans On Alcohol Service
    What is to become of Sydney's nightlife?
    The NSW Government is to implement a crackdown on alcohol service in Sydney clubs and pubs from mid-July, including a ban on shots and doubles and ...
  • ID Scanners Arrive In Kings Cross
    Details here.
    ID Scanners will be put into action in high-risk Kings Cross clubs, pubs and hotels starting next month, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. The sc...
  • What Happened To Ibiza's Beloved Fish Shack?
    Where did it go?
    Rumours are circulating that one of Ibiza's favourite chiringuitos, The Fish Shack, has closed down. Chatter has sparked over a photo that surface...
  • NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell Resigns Over A $3,000 Bottle Of Wine
    Details here.
    New South Wales Premier Barry O'Farrell says he will resign owing to a "significant memory fail" when giving evidence to the Independent ...
  • 'Dead Drunk' Documentary Focuses On Kings Cross, Lock Out Laws & Youth Drinking Culture
    The doco airs on ABC1 tonight. Preview here.
    A new documentary 'Dead Drunk: Lights Out In The Cross' airs on the ABC tonight, which examines Australia's drinking and party culture. The doco c...
  • Australians Are Drinking At High-Risk Levels And Paying Highest Drug Prices In The World
    Details on the survey here.
    Australians are in denial about their alcohol use, are drinking at dangerously high-risk levels, and pay some of the highest prices in the world fo...
  • John Ibrahim Releases Anti-Violence Video: "Don't Be A Dickhead"
    Watch here.
    Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim has released an anti-violence video campaign with the tagline, "Don't be a dickhead" featuring guest sp...
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