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  • Download Plastikman Sonar Live Mix of 'EXhale'
    Download the Sonar Live Mix of "Exhale" here.
    Just days after the release of Plastikman's first album in over a decade, "EX," Richie Hawtin performed it for the second time at Barcelo...
  • Ray Okpara Mixes Pulse.182
    One of mobilee's finest, Ray Okpara, steps up for Pulse.182.
    After a childhood split between Germany and Nigeria, Ray Okpara went on to split his musical energy between some of Germany's most well known techn...
  • Exclusive: Download Martinez's Cocoon On The Terrace Mix
    Cocoon star Martinez has prepped an hour of tripped out techno ahead of Studio 338 this weekend.
    Beginning with Cocoon On The Terrace this weekend, Studio 338 has massive summer ahead. Along with Martinez, who has provided an exclusive mix ahe...
  • Alex Niggemann Mixes Pulse.179
    Alex Niggemann talks us through getting freaky in Berlin, music in the digital age and what he makes of present-day Ibiza
    Alex Niggemann is one of many creative people to make the pilgrimage to Europe’s most artistic haven, Berlin. Having moved to the German city...
  • DJ Anna Mixes Pulse.175
    Recently scoring a residency at Ibiza's Blue Marlin, we catch up with Brazil's DJ Anna, who provides Pulse.157, and chats the World Cup, Dubai, and what's next.
    Brazilian-born DJ Anna has grown up surrounded by music and has risen to prominence in her homeland very quickly, gaining huge numbers of fans alon...
  • Uone Mixes Pulse.174
    Download here.
    Melbourne-bred, Berlin-residing jock Uone takes on this week's Pulse podcast with over an hour of melodic, funked-up house. Real name Ewan Scott, ...
  • Download: Four Tet Produces MC Rome Fortune
    Download here.
    London producer Four Tet has produced a track for Atlanta MC Rome Fortune, which is available for free download. Four Tet has been very prolific o...
  • Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Declining in North America
    Peer-to-peer sharing seems to be on the decline.
    Once seen as a seemingly ubiquitous tool for acquiring illegal online content, peer-to-peer file sharing is on the decline. The practice, which us...
  • Zakes Bantwini backs platform Mxit to connect Fans with Artists
    Zakes Bantwini backs the Mxit Music Studio App that is to connect musicians with their fans. Read further.
    Mxit has proudly rolled out a new campaign through their Mxit Music Studio App that’s set to showcase SA’s biggest music stars with Zak...
  • Keep the Music Coming – Death by Misadventure (free download)
    The music keeps on coming with the duo Death by Misadventure. Read further for free download to add to your DbyM collection.
    The music just keeps on coming with the duo collectively known as Death by Misadventure. If you follow them on Soundcloud you’d easily a...
  • Exclusive: Download SION's CUFF Ibiza Launch Party Mix
    Download SION's funk-nasty g-house mix here.
    SION, a young 20 year old producer based in North Wales, has been making waves in the house scene over the last year or so, with a string of releas...
  • Francois K - 'not just one, simple-minded, repetitive, obnoxiously predictable thing'
    We chat Croatia, Paradise Garage, Deep Space and the disappearance of the diverse DJ set with Francois K, who provided us with an exclusive 2-hour chill out mix.
    Francois Kevorkian is one of dance music’s true greats. Moving to New York from his native France in 1975, he arrived in the US looking for w...
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