Two years ago, Johannesburg based DJ Travisto and his mates from Cape Town launched Smiley—a party that focussed primarily on providing smooth deep house tunes that put a smile on your face.

Quickly gaining momentum, Smiley became a place for old friends to come together and get down, an experience that brought back the essence of partying in the ’90s and allowed new memories to marry with the reminiscent ones, all while enjoying the best koesisters this side of the boerewors curtain.

And this weekend, after many successful throwdowns across Cape Town and in Johannesburg, Smiley returns to Tau for its second birthday with one of SA’s most exciting producers at the moment, Avi Subban.

To keep things simple and for dancers to get the most of this one-off experience, Travisto and Avi will not only play extended sets, but will also play back-to-back, giving dancers all the “lekkerness” they could ask for.

Visit the event page for more info. Tickets available from Pulse.