One of South Africa’s most esteemed producers, Ryan Murgatroyd, will be launching his own record label ‘Swoon Records’ in June.

Striving to change the perceptions of African house music and champion local talent, as he’s done with the Bantwanas showcases, the label will release its first EP Wicked Eyes on Spotify on June 14th , with digital releases available thereafter.

Speaking about his motivation behind setting up the imprint, Ryan says: “I’m starting Swoon because I feel my compositions have grown too elaborate for club music. I want to transcend the clichés of four-four music and explore the more cinematic, avant-garde and even soulful manifestations of electronic music.

“We’re placing a huge focus on finding new sonic palettes and escaping the generic. Every release has a distinct theme. From the sound design to the artwork, each piece is a complete work of audio-visual art and it’s vital to experience each work as a whole”

The inaugural 2 track EP will also feature a Ryan Murgatroyd & Kostakis remix, adding to his already impressive repertoire of works and remixes for the likes of Lane 8, John Monkman, Super Flu and many others.

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