Luther Vine is a top resident at EGG LDN.

He will play the 16th birthday with the likes of Nicole Moudaber, Hito, Artbat, Anna V, Crazy Sonic, Kyle E and many more.

You can get full info on the party here, and read on to find out what makes him tick musically.

Can you remember the first time you tried to mix records? What were they are where were you? Whose decks did you use?

The first time I mixed actual vinyl records, was when I had bought a pair of technic 1210s off gumtree. I brought them home, super excited to start learning how to mix vinyl, but was amazed how much harder it was in real life - compared to videos I had watched on online. The first records I tried to mix were:

How long did it take until you play out? And how long then until you really felt comfortable behind the decks?

I had been playing out on CDJs a couple of years before I started mixing vinyl. But it took me about 2 years before I was comfortable playing records out. Over the years it was a gradual progression, from playing predominantly digital, to then playing mostly records.

What is your personal style, do you like long slow mixes, choppy cuts, hard and fast etc?

I love slow blends, having that control to layer and introduce different track elements. But that said, I also like to play quite choppy, and fast at times. For me it depends the on the genre/style I’m playing, and the vibe I want to create on the dance floor.

What is the art of the resident? How is it different to headlining?

The art of a resident is to set the tone of the night, entice the building room, maintaining the pressure and keeping the crowd locked in, building that anticipation so when the headliner comes on, the energy is perfect for them to take it into the next gear. Mix the wrong record in and thats the energy lost. It’s about finding those records that will compliment the headliner’s sound, especially when you have an audience that have come to hear their music. This being said, a residents role is to also push the musical bounds of the night, to break in those new and old records, sharing music that maybe the audience haven’t yet discovered. The closing set is extremely important. This time when you step on, taking over from where the headliner has left off, the energy will be huge. It’s up to the resident to read the crowds energy, maybe go down a more trippy route into the early morning, or even going on a euphoric and melodic tangent. This being the last set, it’s essential that a lasting impression of the whole night has been made.

Are there any residents you really look up to, really take inspiration from?

Charles Green - Patterns (Brighton) resident. I remember going to Patterns and being really impressed by his record selection, and how well the energy and pressure was built on the dance floor. Craig Richards - Fabric (London). An obvious resident to look up to, but he’s someone that I’ve always taken inspiration from.

What are some key experiences you have had, crazy moments, weird situations etc that have helped you grow and become a better resident?

Turning up to a gig, and finding that your USB drive has corrupted, and that you have to make due with the records you have in your bag. So always bring backups, including spare needles.

What are the key things to remember and to be thinking of when playing?

This is an obvious one, but think musically. If you can see the crowd responding well to the direction you’re going, stay on that path. If your gut feeling tells you not to play a certain record, then listen. 9/10 times it’s right. Everyone has their off days, but its super important to stay positive. If you are enjoying yourself, the crowd will feed off that too.

Do you ever plan the first record, or first few records, just to remove the nerves?

I wouldn’t say plan, but I certainly have in mind several records for that particular mood, direction and vibe that I would like to play. The order of which I play them depends purely on the moment.

What are some records that really work at your party, that you closely associate with the crowd?

This is a record thats always in my bag. Dubby tech house roller, that keeps the pressure bubbling.

Shout out to Vangelis from the Phonica Basement for this tip. 10 minute Acid house banger from 1994, with a lengthy euphoric break down before it slams back into the groove.

Mainroom bomb, that always does damage on the dance floor.

A record for the closing duties. Brain melting 90’s techno from B12. Classic. Chiapet - Westworld (Skylark Remix) [Deleted Records]

Couldn’t not include this.. Modern re-beef of a 90’s Tech House classic. It’s definitely done the rounds in my sets.

How often do you look for new music, and where? Are you always picking records for your residency, ones you know will work in that certain space?

I’m lucky enough to work full-time behind the counter at Phonica Records in Soho, so naturally I hear and see all the new releases coming through the shop. I also do some of the buying for Phonica - selecting what we stock at the record shop, so labels and distributors send test pressings and promos over to me. I’m always digging for music, whether that be in record shops, or on Discogs. It’s funny, the first thing that comes into my head when I hear a record, is whether I can imagine myself playing it. If so when? What time of night? How can I imagine this being played etc.

Do you ever have requests from the headliners as to what style or tempo or whatever they want you to play?

No, but as resident you do your research, knowing how the headliner(s) will play. Headliners shouldn’t have to really give any requests on how the resident should play, it’s the roll of the resident to compliment their sound, and the night in general.

What have you got moving up/are you looking forward to?

This Saturday is Egg’s 16th birthday, so I’m really looking forward to playing alongside this mega lineup! Release wise, I’m also super excited to announce that we have a joint EP with Kyle E (longstanding Egg resident), on the club’s label ‘What Came First’, which will be coming out later this year. I’m very looking forward to the rest of the summer season - I’ll be playing at Kala Festival, in Albania, as well as various other exciting bookings. Thanks for having me on this interview! Feel free to follow my socials. Instagram - Soundcloud