Maxim Lany is one of the most essential names in the Belgium scene.

His acclaimed tech sound comes on labels like Bedrock, ing Street Sounds, We Play Sou and many more.

He has played all over Europe and now has a new EP on Armada Electronic Elements, so we talked to him all about it.

How are you, what’s good and what’s bad right now?

Good, exciting times! The fact that ‘Renaissance’ will finally be released is really something. After months of playing hide and seek I’m happy to finally share it with everyone. On the other hand, the preparations behind the scene were not always easy and quite stressful to be honest but that’s just part of the game.

What is the scene in Belgium like right now?

The scene is constantly changing but while there are many events and clubs stopping, a lot of new things are popping up. Brussels is doing well lately with some very cool new initiatives next to the still legendary Fuse. And Belgium is really well know for its festivals, so I’m happy those are coming our way very soon.

What parties did you get into a first? What label did you love, who did you look up to?

I hosted my own parties when I was just 18. From small house parties (at home) to really big public events, a few years later. Then one of my good friends started his own label called, We Play House and I was one of the first artists to release on that one, on vinyl of course.

How long did it take you to find your own sound?

It took a really long time as I think this is something that is constantly evolving. Music is a life’s work and it keeps growing on me. So I think my sound will continue to evolve over the years to come.

What is that sound, what is your aim when in the studio?

I first had a really deep sound when producing in the beginning but in the more recent years I found myself finally creating a bigger sound that could also fit the dance floors and fit into my own sets as well.

What gear do you use in the studio? Hardware or software, does that matter to you?

I first work in Ableton in order to create my idea fast, so that I don’t let go of it. Here I combine a Korg Electribe 2, my vinyl set-up for sampling and inspiration and a Juno 106. Later I go to another studio to finish the track in Logic. That’s where most mixing and layering is done.

Tell us about your new EP on Armada Electronic Elements, what inspired it?

I had this really intense feeling of a crazy break and build up I wanted to do for a long time. But first I had to finish other tracks, for myself. After the summer last year I finally found myself wanting to express that feeling through a new song. The main idea was to create this really intense tension with a string and or pad and then layer it with stabs that would be out of the ordinary. The drop HAD to be ’shocking’ I told myself over and over. Renaissance was born.

What else have you got coming up?

My next EP, ‘My Story’ will be released on Moonbootique (DE) somewhere in April. It includes two original tracks and two amazing remixes, one by Kolombo and one by Cornelius SA.

What is your ideal party, the set time, location, crowd size, venue?

A daytime event, playing when the sun starts to go down, not too big (approx 1000 people) and surrounded by old (industrial) buildings.

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