Mar-T is resident at Amnesia’s in house night Pyramid, and has long been one of the most regal guests at the world famous club.

His style is diverse and eclectic, so he can warm up or close down after just about anyone in the game and make it a smooth and seductive affair.

He soon comes to London to play Printworks on Saturday March 23rd with Kölsch, Illario Alicante, Matador, Tiga, Hector Couto and Mathias Kaden, so we speak to him here to find out more.

Can you remember the first time you tried to mix records? What were they are where were you? Whose decks did you use?

First time I tried to mix 2 records was when I was 17 years old, it was at a friend’s house which was a DJ in a bar in my hometown Sitges, he was around 20. I don't remember which records they where but it was techno trance and very fast bpm, around 130 bpm. The decks where Technics SL-1200 and I tried for hours and had great fun, I could not stop trying!!   

How long did it take until you play out? And how long then until you really felt comfortable behind the decks?

It was quite easy to mix them but not so easy to keep them mixed and to make the first proper remix took me some days and only worked with some tracks, other where more difficult and you need to find the right moment too.   

What is your personal style, do you like long slow mixes, choppy cuts, hard and fast etc?

I like very long mixes and when the brake comes on one the other one starts and then I cut the first track when it’s supposed to start again... it makes the set very intense.    

What is the art of the resident? How is it different to headlining?

The resident is the one which always gets the worst part of the sets and normally needs to please the crowd which came to listen to someone else but nowadays residents are not respected, people only go to clubs to listen to DJs and don't stay once the DJ they come to see has finished.... people buy brands, don't listen to music, maybe the resident DJ is much better than the "famous" DJ but they will still dance more with the "famous" DJ because he is supposed to play better music because he is popular... crazy days.   

Are there any residents you really look up to, really take inspiration from?

All the resident DJs of clubs from Berlin are very interesting, in Ibiza there is no more resident DJs....    

What are some key experiences you have had, crazy moments, weird situations etc that have helped you grow and become a better resident?

Many situations but specially when you have to DJ after a big name and the set time is quite good and you know you can make a great work or a disaster.... and it really depends on you because other times maybe you have a good slot after a big name but people just leave after the set of the famous DJ and they don't even listen one track from the resident and for sure you can’t grow as a DJ if this happens... although some residents just start with a banging mainstream track which they know it will keep the crowd but that’s not my style.   

What are the key things to remember  and  to be thinking of when playing?

For me you need to keep a good visual attitude, some DJs look like they are not enjoying the set and I’m not saying you have to be a clown but give the sensation of having fun, you are not only transmitting your music style but also your personality.   

Do you ever plan the first record, or first few records, just to remove the nerves?

YES!!! Always I have prepared three optional starting records... they make me feel more sure and relax me although sometimes I start in a total different way because maybe the DJ playing before me is not exactly what I thought.    

What are some records that really work at your party, that you closely associate with the crowd?

They change with the months... not sure what to say... I keep doing playlists with tracks I believe they can make the crowd go crazy.... but this playlist keeps changing all the time.    

How often do you look for new music, and where? Are you always picking records for your residency, ones you know will work in that certain space?

Every week I look for new music, and I imagine how they will sound in the club while I listen to them, my sets change dramatically from club to club.    

Do you ever have requests from the headliners as to what style or tempo or whatever they want you to play?

Not really, I have my own personal career and they respect me and I respect them and I know what to do and not to do if I DJ before them.   

What have you got moving up/are you looking forward to?

Im looking forward to the summer as I have a great time djing at Amnesia and specially at the Pyramid parties.